Top 5 Low-Stress Jobs to Live a Happy Life

Are you looking for a job that requires a calm atmosphere instead of dealing with so many people at once at a fast work pace? Having a first job where customers yell at you is not a fun experience. Worry no more because low-stress jobs do exist.

Depending on what your anxiety is, it is never good to avoid human contact.

These low-stress jobs will help you challenge yourself and drive you down the career path that you have dreamed about. Here are 5 low-stress jobs for people with anxiety.

1. Low-Stress Jobs: Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, you can learn all sorts of different career options. If you’re a writer, then this is the job for you. Pay mind that being a freelance writer is not easy because you have to be the one to put your foot in the door to get yourself projects.

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Try out different websites that are dedicated to freelance writing. For example, is commemorated to helping one make a freelance profile and then finding different gigs with clients. Freelance writing helps build up your resume and it also strengthens your writing skills. 

Yes, life as a freelance writer means that you work from home or you can write anywhere. One thing about freelance writing is that it cuts you off from the social world. Make your own schedule and make a goal to at least get out of the house and interact with the world. Keep reaching out to your clients if you have questions instead of staying quiet and submitting the assignment wrong.

2. Counselor

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
Jim Rohn

Do you like helping people? Try out being a counselor. As a counselor, you get to work around people who may something in common with you. The only way you are going to understand your anxiety is if you help others and give them examples of how you have dealt with a situation. You never know becoming a counselor just maybe your career path.

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Slowly, get used to the job and see what it takes to become a counselor. You cannot avoid getting a job. Making an income is very important. As a counselor, work on your communication skills and open up more with people. Counseling is all about helping others.

3. Accountant

If you are a math nerd then this is a low-stress job for you. Accounting is all about figuring out numbers and handling money all while in a small and quiet office environment. Of course, you have to be aware that you need to interact with your boss, co-workers, and even customers.

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Take a chance out of your comfort zone, and test yourself. Just because you are working doesn’t mean you should close yourself off entirely. Accounting is a great job to grow and learn about money.

4. Animal Care

Being around animals is a therapy session in itself. There are many animal care positions whether it is a volunteer in an animal shelter or working as a vet’s assistant. Dog walking is considered to be a calming activity and also an exercise. It’s an excuse to get some exercise while meeting new people on the street.

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Dog grooming is also a fun job because it is a chance to spend time with a furry friend. Working around animals is an opportunity to socialize with customers. While dogs make great companions, making a connection with people is also important. Look into animal care and see if any animal shelters or pet stores around you are in need of an assistant or register help.

5. Artist

Do you like to express your mind through colorful pictures, drawing out characters or a fun sketch of the town you live in? Being an artist is another low-stress job. It is peaceful and helps one meditate. However, being an artist is tough to make a living because of smaller wages compared to other jobs.

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You have to get your foot in the door to make people discover your art. An artist is more of a job on the side. Offer commissions to those who need someone to illustrate their book. Present your work and reach out to the world to show what talents you have to offer.

Over to You

Just do it! I know it could be hard sometimes to find a new job and start a new life. But only you can fight anxiety and depression.

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