5 Simple Tips on How to Practice Self-Love and Stop Criticising Yourself

Do you love yourself? Do you fully and completely accept all your strengths and weaknesses? If not, you should train this wonderful ability. Why is this important?

For some reason, it is a generally accepted belief that self-love is a feature leading to selfishness, egocentrism, and almost sociopathy. In practice, it is very harmful to people who don’t love themselves.

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It seems you can easily recognize a person who does not love himself. But it often happens that shy and modest people love and value themselves, they just do not show it off. And bright, successful, and attractive people do not always treat themselves properly. Such people may succeed in life only to get rid of self-hatred, a sense of worthlessness. Does it help? No, as they fight with consequence and not the cause.

When it comes to self-love, we are dealing with emotions, and external manifestations are secondary. Therefore, pampering yourself with shopping or massage will not help a lot. We need to start differently. We have to change an attitude towards ourselves. And it is manifested in the little things that are not always visible to ourselves.

What are the main reasons for self-hatred?

This feeling is so unpleasant and destructive that we supplant it. We often think that other people or adverse circumstances have caused our difficulties. It is hard for us to admit that they are caused by our own internal problems. And in many cases, it is a bad attitude to ourselves.

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At some point, it is necessary to fight against yourself and stop condemning yourself. By recognizing the signs of self-hatred in different areas of life, we can more easily accept our shortcomings, as well as our benefits.

1. Toxic relationship. You should study closely all your contacts. It will become clear that those who do not love themselves always attract various toxic personalities.
Putting others first, not yourself.

Do you live for the sake of others or your own sake? If you are ready at any moment to help others at the expense of your own interests, be sure that not everyone will rush to help you in a similar situation.

2. Giving up plans too easily. For a whole year, you were preparing for the vacation, planning the itinerary of the trip everyone and making a reservation. But, oops, they asked you to move their vacation because someone needed it more.

3. Neglecting your health. In the long run, it is a very bad decision, because health problems tend to accumulate.

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4. Blaming yourself for everything. Feeling of guilt provokes stress, low self-esteem, and further deterioration of health.

5. Constant self-criticism. We all make mistakes. But you should not make a tragedy out of each fault.

What to Do When You Hate Yourself?

A famous psychologist Louise Hay says we have the power to change everything in our life. And it is not so difficult to love yourself if you follow these rules:

Do not consider yourself bad. It creates difficulties and cultivates pain and illness.
Stop bullying yourself. Remember about the power of thought. It is terrible to live in anticipation of the worst.

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Be kind, soft and patient with yourself. Impatience is a reluctance to learn. We want to gain knowledge without having learned the lesson, without taking the steps necessary to achieve the goal.

  • Learn to praise yourself.

Criticism burns the soul, and praise revives it from the ashes. Whatever you do, support yourself with praise. Repeat to yourself that you are the best.

  • Love your negative traits.

We all happened to make the wrong choices. If we persistently punish ourselves for this, we will develop a stereotype. Another effective tool is humor. It helps to relax and feel relief in a stressful situation.

  • Take care of your body. A healthy body makes a healthy spirit.
  • Love yourself right now, do not wait, when you become perfect.

Learning to love yourself, you can love and accept other people. You did not come to this world to please others and live as they want. Your goal is self-expression and expression of love at a deep level.

To love yourself means letting yourself do what you like. Look for moments and hobbies which will make you happy.