10 Best Dramatic Songs to Listen to Right Now

Music therapy is the practice of using sounds, melodies to restore emotional balance and improve a person’s physical condition. Here we have collected the best 10 songs about depression.

Music is a powerful therapeutic tool for influencing a person’s mental and physical state. People used the healing properties of music since ancient times. The doctors of ancient Rome and Egypt used sounds to heal the body and soul.

In ancient Ancient China, they prepared “music recipes” and believed that the tune had an effect on the organs of the human body.

The first studies of the effects of music on our brains and emotions began in the 1950s when doctors started noticing the positive effects of music therapy on patients in the US and European hospitals. 

Modern researchers say that music can help ease negative emotions, get rid of stress, panic, and depression. 

songs about depression

 In 2003, music therapy was recognized as the official treatment method.

Music influences our mental health

Music therapy is recognized as the official type of art therapy for some mental disorders. Moreover, it is an additional method in the treatment of depression, insomnia, and some other conditions.

However, there is no single genre or style of music that has the same effect on everyone. Everything is determined by personal preferences.

Only the music that really pleases a person will contribute to his mental balance. For some people, music is a way of self-expression, for others, it is rest and relaxation. Music can be very beneficial to everyone.

Memory improvement

To achieve it, listen to songs that evoke memories. A favorite hit becomes annoying over time, and we forget it. Though later, it is enough to hear a familiar melody, and the events from the past come to life. Music helps remember what we were before.


Your favorite playlist will help focus. If your day is gloomy and the mood is zero, try to distract. Turn on the music and relax, it will help you morally tune in to work and focus on the task.

Motor skills improvement

Rhythmic music helps you enhance your motor skills. Whenever we hear a rhythmic melody, we start to dance. So these dances improve movement coordination, muscle memory, and balance.


Doctors say that classical music helps best with depression. If you cannot sleep at night, wake up in advance of the alarm clock, constantly feel tired and anxious – these are signs of a depressed state.

songs about depression

Try listening to classical music, tune in to its sound. The music should not be loud and obtrusive. Try it, it will help you!


Music will improve performance and reduce the negative effects of physical activity and stress.

10 Songs to about Depression

Sound therapy has long been used for relaxation and recovery. To date, British neuroscientists have already identified the compositions that will best meet this challenge. During the study, special sensors were connected to the participants who had to solve the puzzles.

The tasks caused a certain level of stress, while at the same time, the participants listened to different songs. During the study, scientists measured brain activity, heart rate, pressure, and respiratory rate.

So music can help maintain mental and physical health. Besides, it is an easy way to relieve stress, which is often caused by constant phone calls, messages, notifications, reminders, and meetings. You just have to take a break and listen to the song from the list below. 

1. Weightless by Marconi Union

2. Electra by Airstream

3. Melomaniac (Chill Out Mix) by DJ Shah

4. Watermark by Enya

5. Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

6. Please Don’t Go by Barcelona

7. Pure Shores by All Saints

8. Someone Like You by Adele

9. Canzonetta Sull’aria by Mozart

10. We Can Fly by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)

Try not to increase anxiety, sadness, or other negative mental states with too boring music. It is better to pick up cheerful or neutral compositions during such periods. And most importantly, choose the music you like. Music treatment is a great opportunity to not only boost your health but also brighten up your mood.

Therefore, take into account the recommendations from the specialists, but also trust your own feelings. Music inspires and heals only when it pleases. Unpleasant melodies will make you tired and more. Find your music and live in harmony.

dramatic songs about depression