Bikini Body Workout Review: The 60 Days Female Workout Plan

bikini body review

I love my body, and I always have; I mean, self-esteem is something we all should have irrespective of our size and the way we look. But there was something I wanted to have, which did not seem possible at that time, and that was the body suited for a bikini. Going to the beach dressed in shorts was quite a thing for me, and while I saw a lot of women in bikinis looking all sharp and great, I just told myself that it was not for everyone. 

This was my predicament until I stumbled upon the Bikini Body Workout. A lot of things have changed about my body, and now I can wear a bikini of my choice and look as good as I want. So, here’s what I am going to do. In this article, I am going to be answering a series of questions regarding the Bikini Body Workout in a bid to enlighten you on how it can help you get back in shape – so you can look and feel as good as you want.

Remember, self-esteem and confidence are from the inside, and getting the right body is all about looking as good as you want. This should not be a cover for your lack of confidence because, for those, you need to work on yourself.

What is Bikini Body Workouts?

The Bikini Body Workout is a combination of a digital workout and a specific nutrition program to help you get in shape – particularly so you can get the beach body you have always wanted. This program can be done at home or at the gym, and even though you have to understand that this is not a diet program, you still have to follow a calorie-restricted meal plan – get ready to starve all day lol. 

Bikini Body Workout plan

One thing I have come to understand about this program is that it focuses as much on your lifestyle as it does your workouts. This simply means that you cannot workout and still find it easy to go out and eat whatever you want to – this is where most of us undo all the hard work we have done all day long.

To me, as well as the countless number of women who can testify to the validity, it is a realistic approach to weight loss. The best thing about this workout for me is the fact that it is built to fit your schedule so you can workout even when you have a lot of obligations from work and home.

What Will You Learn from Bikini Body Workouts?

As I said earlier, these workouts are built to fit into your schedule, but what will you learn from this workout? The Bikini Body Workout focuses on your nutrition and workouts, making it obvious that one cannot work without the other. Check out my Before & After photos:

So, if you think exercising is the only important thing, I bid you think again because the aspect of nutrition is as important as your workouts. This workout is basically divided into three categories:

  • Diet regimen
  • Supplementation regimen
  • Exercise

Each of these categories requires equal focus, and are divided into days. You would have Bikini Body Workout video demonstrations to follow with workouts focusing on the entire body producing tremendous results.

Just look at me now!

For the aspect of your diet, the major focus is on eating healthy. With this, you would learn about different types of foods and the ones which should be taken very seriously. You would also be provided with three shopping lists, which would help you select your snacks and meals. I know this for sure because this helps select what is suited for you at with the shopping list provided.

Finally, talking about supplementation, you would be provided with a weight-loss supplementation, and some of the recommended supplements are fish oil, multivitamins, and protein powder. You would also understand the reason why these supplements are important for weight loss and how to make it part of your lifestyle.

Who Created Bikini Body Workouts?

The mastermind behind this workout is Jen Ferrugia. The Bikini Body Workout that Jen Ferrugia created is one of the best things that could happen to a woman. Jen is a certified fitness trainer, strength trainer, coach, chef, and model who has studied and understood the physiognomy of the female body.

With many diet and fitness plans, I must commend that the Bikini Body Workout is a nice job from her. A countless number of women, including myself, have gone on her website to attest to the functionality of this workout plan, something you need to come on board with as well.

Does Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workouts Work?

I know where I was before I decided to take up this Bikini Body Workout plan, and I know how I look now. Losing more than 100 pounds of weight to gain the perfect body I wanted is enough for me to say Yes.

This workout really works. The choice of whether or not you want to take it up is totally dependent on you. Even when you do decide to take it up, you really need to be consistent if you want to get any results.

jen ferruggia

Once you do not have any problem with being consistent, you would definitely see results, just like other women who have testified to the validity of the workout. Once you start the Bikini Body Workout plan at home, with the right amount of consistency, you would see results in no time.

Bikini Body Workout Program Pros

  • This workout program comes in digital format, which means that it is something you can make use of wherever you find yourself. All you require is a laptop or any other digital device and an internet connection.
  • With the right level of consistency, you would see fast results.
  • The Bikini Body Workout diet is a flexible one that fits any lifestyle. You can eat out some of the time and still be on point with the program – this is not a reason to continuously cheat.
  • The Bikini Body Workout does not take a lot of time because all you need to do is plan to workout just 30 minutes daily.
  • Compared to other weight loss programs, this one is very affordable – take it from someone who has tried a lot of weight loss programs out.
  • Regardless of how to fit or out of shape you are, you can complete this program. All you need is determination, and the will power to do so.
  • There is a money-back guarantee on the product if you are not happy with the results – I was skeptical, and this brought me comfort, but I must say that I was wrong ever to doubt.
  • The program is printed in a simple and easy to understand format, something you can follow without stress.

Bikini Body Workout Program Cons

  • For those who are already-fit and looking to get better, there is a possibility of seeing this workout plan as too simple, thereby discouraging you from carrying on – this was not the case for someone like me; I was exhausted.
  • You require some equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells for you to be able to carry on with this exercise.
  • There is a need for absolute consistency when you follow the workout plan if you want to see results.
  • This workout plan is done step by step, and if you skip any step, then you would not see any results.
  • The equipment for the exercise is not included in the program. This means that the program does not include equipment.
  • The program is in digital format, and without the internet and your internet device, you would not have access to the program.

How Much Bikini Body Workout Plan Costs?

Compared to other programs out there, I can really say that this is one is very affordable. Most of the workout plans I have come across before the Bikini Body Workout plan are more expensive, and most of them do not work as well as this one. 

With Jen’s Bikini body guide, you only make a one-time payment of $29.99, and you get the full package, which contains just more than a workout plan.

What is Included in the Bikini Body Workout Plan?

The Bikini Body Workout plan which you would purchase on Jen Ferrugia’s website contains a lot of things, and once you pay, you would get access to the following:

1. Workout videos

This is the instructional exercise video that acts as a guide – a simple but effective guide to be precise.

2. The Bikini Body Workout Plan PDF

This is like a written format of the workouts, something that explains all the exercises to be done as well as all the equipment required to get things done. This, alongside the video, would help you complete the workout without any injuries whatsoever.

3. The at Home Guide

This is a detailed and step by step guide which explains can be done at home. This details the reps, sets, and rest times in between sets as well as the equipment that would perfectly fit.

4. The 21-day booty blast

This is a great part of the workout plan, something you would definitely enjoy – I know I did. This is because this concentrates on the booty, which is required for the bikini to look good on you. With this, your booty gets to match your new look giving you a better look as well as a perfect body. This is a simple 10-minute exercise.

5. The Bikini Body Supplement List

This is a list containing a lot of supplements, and I have to say you have to find the one best suited for you as not all of them works for everyone. These supplements would help you along the line as you move in a search to feel good as well as you look good.

6. The Bikini Body Nutrition Guide

Compared to other diet plans I have come across, I consider this to be exciting and much more helpful because the plan covers interesting recipes. What’s more, you do not need to count calories here because you can still enjoy some interesting and healthy meals as you continue working out.

Meal plan example

7. Your shopping list

This includes a lot of nutritious foods for you to purchase whenever you go shopping so you can keep up with the diet plan.

This workout plan is worth every penny, and it is less complicated and more effective than other workout plans available out there.


When talking about workout programs, the Bikini workout program stands above the rest. This plan gives you a simple and effective plan to achieve the Bikini Body you have always desires. The only variable here is your desire to follow, as well as your consistency.

Once you can consistently follow this program, you are sure to get the results you desire. If you are not willing to put your all into it, then it is best if you do not start at all. 


This should not be done because you want people to like you or because you think people would like you better when you have a new body because you would only get disappointed. Self-confidence is something that you should have even before you begin to look as good as this workout is going to make you look. What comes after is only a plus since we want to look a certain way. 

I was always confident of who I was even before I started to workout, and when I got the body that could allow me to look great with a bikini on the beach, I only felt better; it never changed my perception of who I was.  You are a woman, and you are special, take out time to do this workout, and look as good as you have always wanted to.

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