10 Bad Habits That a Skinny Girl Does Not Have

In the era for perfect body shape, people give up harmful products, exercise intensively, and drink more water. But these efforts are useless if you have habits that delay the process of losing weight.

Wrong Eating Habits

It is one of the main reasons for being overweight. Big breaks between meals, replacement of lunch with a cup of coffee, or a sandwich end up with uncontrollable snacks. In the absence of a full meal in the evening, the appetite fires up, which eventually leads to eating more foods, and, consequently, overeating. 

In this mode of nutrition, metabolism slows down, and excess fat accumulates in problem areas. The solution to this problem is quite simple; you need to eat at the same time, 3-5 times a day. Besides, you need to watch the volume of servings and calories of products. 

Stressful Diet

Another common mistake of losing weight is starvation. Severe food restrictions do not get the desired result but provoke serious health problems. 

It is essential to eat right and healthy food, which means that your daily diet should be nutritious and balanced. 

Regardless of whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, or want to keep the weight on a stable level, you should regularly eat all kinds of useful products. 

Diets limited to 1,200 calories a day are too strict and even dangerous for the body. Moreover, calorie restriction slows down metabolism, and after the food, the bodyweight will skyrocket. Besides, deficiency of nutrients can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of dehydration.

Lack of Water

Water is a regulator of biochemical processes in the body. For example, after training, the body is hot and requires fluid to recover. Water is just this restorative. An adult needs between 30-40 grams of water per 1 kilogram of weight. 1.5 liters of water can help increase metabolism by up to 30%.

Stanford University conducted a study that involved about a hundred women who were overweight. They all usually consumed less than half a liter of clean water a day. During the year, they drank 2 liters of water, and at the end of the study, it was observed that on average, women lost about two kilograms of weight without changing their lifestyle. 

Water promotes fat burning, improves overall well-being, acts on the body as an antipyretic agent, and eliminates harmful and toxic substances. To stay fit, avoid dehydration. 

Lack of Sleep

Quality sleep is a significant factor when it comes to weight loss. Lack of sleep is stress for the body and an obstacle for metabolism activation. Believe it or not, insufficient night rest can cause a person to experience a persistent hunger throughout the day. 

Japanese researchers state that people who sleep less are more inclined to obesity. This effect is linked to the fact that people who do not get enough sleep produce fewer hormones that regulate appetite. Disorders of sleeping patterns ruin your eating habits and lead to extra weight.

Alcohol Abuse 

If alcohol is your frequent companion, there is a chance to gain a few extra pounds. Sometimes a glass of wine is an excellent way to relieve emotional tension. But it should be remembered that alcohol is caloric enough. 

Moreover, it reduces your blood sugar levels and stimulates appetite. Alcohol may temporarily cheer you up, but it also partially disables control. So a glass of wine is likely to result in overeating.

Stress about Food

Excessive craving for sweets and fatty food is natural in a state of emotional or physical exertion. After all, the stress hormone increases appetite and affects food preferences. But this approach will only temporarily improve mood and will not help you relieve stress. 

Uncontrollable food consumption, together with sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances, can severely damage your health. It is essential to listen to your body, and gradually you will learn to understand the source of stress. You will know how to separate the emotional hunger from the real one.

Processed Food

People often eat on the go, and uncontrollably consume very harmful artificial products like sausages, pastries, packaged juices. 

Modern fast food is full of saturated fats, sugar, food additives, and salt. Processed products disrupt the work of hormones. 

Regular consumption of processed foods exhausts the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, weakens the body’s defenses, accelerates aging, increases the risk of mutations, and the development of various diseases. It is clear enough that your weight will grow by leaps and bounds if you do not change your eating habits. 

Eating on the Go

Today, people are very busy and try to minimize the time spent on food consumption. Many of us do not realize that careful and slow chewing of food not only prevents weight gain but also helps digestion. 

It is recommended that you spend at least 20 minutes consuming the food without distraction. Introduce food rituals into the everyday routine, and it will bring you many health benefits, including psychological satisfaction.

Inactive Lifestyle

Lack of activity is a direct way to obesity. The absence of physical fitness can be a reason for serious health problems, as well as a permanent cause for chronic illnesses. Hypodynamia affects the work of all organs, increases cholesterol levels. The low activity makes your body lack oxygen. Metabolism is impaired. 

The work of the gastrointestinal tract slows down, and the accumulated toxins poison the body. These all factors are favorable for extra weight. The World Health Organization recommends doing sports three times a week and more.


Do not think that excessive loads will immediately help you fight extra weight. The body needs to be restored between training sessions. So it is important to alternate more extensive and moderate workouts rather than exhausting yourself with a marathon. 

You need to work smoothly but with a firm intention to change your metabolism and train your body to the new pattern of lifestyle. Only such an approach will allow you to lose weight and improve your shape.

Get rid of these habits to stay fit. It is crucial to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to the three main components of a proper lifestyle:

  • Balanced diet
  • Regular exercise (at least three times a week)
  • A sufficient amount of sleep (at least 8 hours a day)

The wise approach will help achieve your goal and like a million.

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