How to Get Six-Pack Abs (for Girls) in Just 60 Days

abs for girls

A flat belly and sculptured cubes are a dream of many girls, especially on the eve of summer. We all have these cubes for the press. But untrained muscles are small in size and mostly hidden by fat subcutaneous tissue. The body becomes athletic with the visible cubes of the press when you have not more than 14-20% of fat.

There are four muscle groups in the abdominal department that allow you to bend and rotate the body, and are involved in maintaining an even posture. Visually, only the external oblique muscles and the rectus abdominal muscle become outlined when you are trained enough.

Bikini Body Workouts Program

Get a bikini body in just 2 months!

To achieve the effect of six relief cubes, you need to regularly perform simple exercises: various types of twists, bicycling, planks. Exercises make the muscles of the press tighter and more voluminous, but relief appears only at a low percentage of fat in the body. So, you will need to work very hard to get it. 

Clean Your Diet

 If you want to pump your press and look your best, then the first thing to do is to eat properly. There are many different eating rules aimed at developing abdominal muscles. If you consume 300-500 calories per meal, you should burn the fat.

abs for girls

You need to strive for muscle mass and exercise strength and endurance. Therefore, many sports nutritionists recommend eating 6 times a day.

Here is a list of products that are needed for the proper development of the muscle press:

  • Almonds and other nuts
  • Beans and its derivatives
  • Spinach and other greens
  • Low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and so on
  • Oatmeal without sweet and spices
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Turkey and other dietary meat
  • Peanut and olive butter
  • Whole grains bread
  • Protein supplements
  • Berries

You should eat within 3 hours after training. About an hour before the workout, you should eat vegetables and fruits. Eat when you feel hungry.

There is no point to torment your body with constant starvation not to ruin your metabolism. Eat when you want, but eat healthily, then you quickly gain muscle mass and lose weight.

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Add Bikini Body Workouts into The Mix

If you dream to achieve noticeable results in a couple of months, you have to introduce high-interval intensity training into your routine. These are power or cardio loads with a sequential change of various levels of intensity. This training usually lasts 15-20 minutes with 1-minute intervals.

Bikini Body Workouts Program

Get a Bikini Body in 60 Days!

The main goal is to boost metabolism to burn fat in the shortest time. And load alternation approach will perfectly launch this mechanism. 

 Eat More Protein

Women need to consume between 58 and 87 grams of protein daily. If it is less, it becomes difficult to lose weight, as well as gain muscle mass. Insufficient protein is responsible for slow metabolism, muscle aches, and mood swings.

abs for girls

The three macronutrients – fats, proteins, and carbohydrates – act differently, and proteins are best saturated, allowing you to feel satiated at the expense of less food. This is discussed in various studies. It happens because the consumption of protein food reduces the level of ghrelin, which is called the hunger hormone and increases the level of the peptide YY, which is responsible for feeling full.

 Some studies have shown that increasing the proportion of protein in the diet helps reduce hunger and boost weight loss. Therefore, add more protein products to your diet, such as meat, fish, dairy, etc. 

Do the Cardio

If you do not include cardio in your program, a beautiful press will remain in your dreams. Why so? Exercises focused on the press only will not diminish the fatty layer. 

abs for girls

To fight the fat, do cardio regularly. It is intended to train endurance, as well as reduce the body fat layer.

Regular 30-minute cardio training will have a great effect on the cardiovascular system and speed up metabolism. It is one of the most effective methods for burning fat and losing weight. You can include a variety of exercises to your home cardio training, from running and cycling to boxing and dancing.

Best Exercises for Girl’s Abs

Keep reading to get to know the best abs exercises.


abs for girls

The elbow plank is a strengthening and toning exercise that besides making your belly beautiful, also helps reduce back pain. It may seem simple, but it is high intensity and needs focus and balance.

How to do it?

  • Lie face down, supporting yourself on the forearms and toes.
  • Keep your back straight, the elbows should be right under your shoulders.
  • Try lifting your abs muscles and holding your position for 30 seconds.
  • As you get stronger, extend the exercise for 40 or 45 seconds.
  • Take 4 approaches.

Abs twists

There are many twist options, but the basic one is still the best when it comes to tone the muscles of the press. It is ideal for beginners and is also good for combining with other exercises.

How to make twists?

  • Lie faceup with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.
  • Support your head with your hands, elbows and arms open.
  • Strain the muscles of the press and start lifting your head, tearing your upper back off the floor.
  • Hold for 2 – 3 seconds and return to the starting point.
  • Do 4 approaches with at least 15 reps.

Lower abs workout

To get the feel of your lower abdominal muscles, you could do this simple exercise to sculpt the press.

How to do it?

  • Lie faceup and put your hands aside.
  • Lift your legs without letting your lower back rise, focusing on tightening your lower abdomen.
  • Slowly raise and lower and do 15 reps.
  • Take 3 approaches.

Exercise Consistently

Before you start training, you must determine your goal. And based on it, develop your schedule and make it your everyday routine. When compiling a program of home workouts for the press, it is important to correctly distribute the load throughout the training week. Besides physical exercises, it is important to do everything in a complex, otherwise, you will not get far away.

abs for girls

The complex consists of a balanced diet – it is necessary to exclude high-calorie foods, sweets, pastries, smoked foods from the diet since they bring little benefit to the body, or rather only harm to the body. You also need to choose several additional types of loads like aerobics, run, walk fast, dance. Intensive workouts will allow you to see the first results in a few weeks.

abs for girls
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