Rob Rogacki

Rob is that guy that you know who always know more about sports than you do. He’s a huge Detroit sports fan, even though he defected somewhat during the Michael Jordan years. Benedict Arnold, as some of his friends call him for that, is short and white. Rob isn’t a great athlete but he still enjoys running around with other short white guys in poor attempts to play various sports. He is currently a student at George Washington University pursuing a doctorate in debt management physical therapy. Hopefully he’ll get a sweet job one day, but he’s currently happy watching any sports event he can.  


  • Family
  • Friends
  • Detroit sports
  • The University of Michigan
  • Music
  • Mullets
  • Music by guys with mullets
  • Twitter
  • Windows 7
  • Fast food
  • Getting pwned in Call of Duty
  • Laughing at himself for saying “pwned”
  • Hating the Yankees
  • The Yost student section
  • The absence of instant replay in baseball
  • Good Time Charlie’s
  • Your mom
  • Movies that critics hate
  • The “sunglasses” quotes from CSI Miami
  • Marv Albert
  • Hustlin’
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World
  • Spending an ungodly amount of time on Youtube
  • Quantcast