Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  So I’m here, do you have anything to say to me?

A:  That’s a great question, and I’m really glad you asked it. 

Q: Seriously?  That’s your answer?

A: Ok, you don’t like sarcasm.  Noted.  Well, you’ve stumbled across the best Detroit sports blog on the interwebs, and you should be commended for that.  Go ahead and take a look around.  Make yourself comfortable and, of course, put detroit4lyfe.com in your favorites.  Don’t touch anything though;  you break it, you buy it.

Q: I just read some of your posts, and I’ve never read anything better in my lyfe.  But who are you?  Why should I read what you have to say?

A: We’ve been doing this since Halloween night in 2006, and we like to believe that we’ve learned a thing or two about writing along the way.  We’ve been featured on Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks and cbssports.com, among other reputable websites.  As Detroit natives, we grew up pretending we were Barry Sanders, Steve Yzerman and Grant Hill during school recess, and now we spill our guts about the teams we love at Detroit4Lyfe. 

Q: I’m almost hooked, but do you only talk about the Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, and Pistons?

A: No.  Most of our posts will be about our hometown teams, but we can’t help ourselves from commenting on national sports stories, as well.  In fact, some of our posts will only be slightly related to sports when we need to get something off our chiseled, Greek god-like chests.  We’ve been known to post funny videos, crazy pictures, and worthwhile links.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Q: Do you only write about mainstream professional sports?

A: While we mostly stick to the big enchiladas, we are always interested in expanding our horizons.  We sometimes touch on sports that don’t see much airtime on ESPN like the Rain Game, Figure Skating, and even the WNBA.

Q: What if I come across something that might be worth your while?

A:  Feel free to email us by using the CONTACT US feature under ABOUT DETROIT4LYFE and send the link or story our way.  If we decide to use it, you can walk around feeling good about yourself for a day.

Q: Ok, that’s it.  I barely know you, but I think I love you, man…?

A: We get that a lot, and we love each and every one of you, too.  If you really want to express whatever feelings you have for us, feel free to comment on our posts.  We love the feedback, and we look forward to being your first internet stop in the morning, best distraction at work, and your bedtime story before bed.