A Michigan native beat Tigers for first time in nearly a decade

Matt Shoemaker is a Wyandotte native who went to Trenton High School and then Eastern Michigan. He signed with the Angels as an undrafted free agent in 2008. At 27 years old now, he’s really coming into his own after five-plus seasons in the bus leagues, his last three of which were less than spectacular. […]

Miguel Cabrera messing with Mike Trout

Miguel Cabrera, 2-time MVP, was messing around with Mike Trout during Thursday night’s game when Trout reached first base. Cabrera was trying to block Trout’s view as Trout was trying to peer over at his third-base coach for the sign (hint on the sign: GREEN LIGHT): Two of the game’s best can still have fun. […]

Sexually frustrated wife of Tigers fan keeps sex diary

This comes from friend of the blog Andy Isaac over at Guyism from a few days ago. It is hilarious, and it instantly became funnier when I read Day 8 aloud to my always-satisfied wife — she insists that has happened to us before, but I think it’s dubious.  

Tigers trade for Joakim Soria

Great trade for the Tigers who are in win-now mode and desperately needed bullpen help. I still feel like Dave Dombrowski needs to make another deal to mitigate Joe Nathan if he doesn’t find it and perhaps even another trade on a lesser scale. The Tigers bullpen is garbage and unpredictable fringe prospects are… unpredictable. […]

Young Ben Affleck pitching Saturday for Tigers

Drew VerHagen, who I called during Spring Training a morph between Verlander and some other unknown dude named Hagen, may be showcasing himself for a very important trade Dave Dombrowski has in the works. VerHagen is a 6-foot-6 righty who pitches to contact, but he gets outs. He’s not bad. Let’s hope he throws well […]

VIDEO: Miguel Cabrera hits 2-run HR in All-Star Game

Miguel Cabrera admitted before the game (and denied) that his core injury that required offseason surgery was still bothering him and affecting his power (only 14 home runs thus far this season), but he had no trouble turning on a Adam Wainwright fastball in the first inning and sending it into the seats. Miggy’s social […]

How great was Rick Porcello’s 0-strikeout, 0-walk complete game shutout?

When Joe Posnanski calls it miraculous, you read: As mentioned, these zero-walk, zero-strikeout shutouts — let’s call them Porcellos to make it simple — these Porcellos used to be rare but they did happen. If you go back to 1969 — that expansion year championship series in each league — there have been nine Porcelllos […]

Video: 1984 Detroit Tigers World Series celebration in 2014

It has been 30 years since the Tigers last won a World Series #RoarOf84. There was a celebration on Monday before the Tigers took on the Oakland A’s. What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Tigers’ last World Series than with a World Series, though, right? Eat ‘em up in ’14.