Bert Blyleven rips Detroit, sets pants on fire

During a rain delay of the Detroit Tigers’ opening series against the Minnesota Twins, which the Tigers swept easily, Minnesota Twins legend and announcer took some cheap, tired shots at the city of Detroit. Here are the since-deleted tweets, courtesy of Hardball Talk:   Bert then tweeted his obligatory apology: Well, Bert, you look like you’ve […]

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Rod Allen Drinking Game 2015

The Rod Allen Drinking Game was originally created by Big Al at the now-defunct Wayne Fontes Experience and has since been updated over the years by D4L (and one year at Walk Off Woodward).  It has officially become cemented as a drunken-staple in the Detroit sports community.  And it’s not just a brainless, alcoholic’s activity, either — there are things […]

2015 Detroit Tigers preview: Color me F’ing skeptical

How does a supposed eternal optimist create such a crass headline for a Detroit Tigers preview? Is this the same Bobby B who bet a friend the Tigers would win 80 games in 2003? (Bobby B lost that bet.) The Tigers are coming off their fourth straight AL Central championship; they still have a slugger named Miguel […]

Max Scherzer hopes to be back with Tigers in 2015

It might just be media talk, for the fans, for the Tigers fans who are already grieving, but I hope he’s being sincere — if Max Scherzer re-signs, I’ll feel a lot better about the Tigers’ chances in 2015. It’ll cost them a pretty penny, though.

Detroit Tigers swept by Baltimore Orioles in ALDS

The Detroit Tigers season came to an unceremonious close on Sunday, hours after the Detroit Lions lost a heartbreaking Week 5 game against the Buffalo Bills due to a repeated kicker problem. The problem for the Tigers all season was their bullpen. They struggled to close out games and, as a result, they only managed to […]

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Justin Verlander buzzed

Your browser does not support iframes. Justin Verlander usually does the buzzing, but today he was bothered by a busy bee, who was intent on distracting Verlander like a series of leaked iPhone photos. Verlander got the win in the end, as the Tigers defeated the Royals.

Big sports Monday in Detroit

Tigers take on 1st place KC Royals at 4 p.m. (up 8-2 at time of this publishing) and Lions open up their 2014 season on Monday Night Football next door at 7:10 p.m. Get rowdy, friends.