Max Scherzer’s first start in 2014

Max Scherzer did something in his first start that he did not do in his entire Cy Young season. Think he’s pitching for those extra two years on his future contract? Scherzer’s rocky start began long before the first pitch. Scherzer was visibly (thanks to FSD) frustrated in his pre-game bullpen, suggesting with his body […]


Ian Kinsler didn’t listen to his friend Billy Zane

Billy Zane’s a cool dude; he tried to help Ian Kinsler out. Kinsler didn’t listen and walked it off. Yep, it’s a walk off. It was Ian Kinsler’s third career walk-off hit and his first since 2012. He was 3-for-5 in the game with a solo jobber.

Detroit’s Shinola has the best watches

I remember reading about Shinola on friend Mike Payne’s The Coolist about a year ago and subsequently thinking about how the brand was going to blow up. Sure enough, it has. The brand is everywhere now, from GQ to the malls in Georgia, and it continues to evolve. On Opening Day for Major League Baseball, […]

mario rod2

Rod Allen Drinking Game 2014

The Rod Allen Drinking Game was originally created by Big Al at the now-defunct Wayne Fontes Experience and has since been updated over the years by D4L (and one year at Walk Off Woodward).  It has officially become cemented as a drunken-staple in the Detroit sports community.  And it’s not just a brainless, alcoholic’s activity, either — there are things […]

Tigers need to get on Mud Hens level

The Toledo Mud Hens got creative in trying to melt all the snow at Fifth Third Field by taking their tarp and turning it into a tarp dome:  Jake and his grounds crew have created a temporary 'hot zone dome' by using the rain tarp, putting snow around the edges and then using heaters to […]