How great was Rick Porcello’s 0-strikeout, 0-walk complete game shutout?

When Joe Posnanski calls it miraculous, you read: As mentioned, these zero-walk, zero-strikeout shutouts — let’s call them Porcellos to make it simple — these Porcellos used to be rare but they did happen. If you go back to 1969 — that expansion year championship series in each league — there have been nine Porcelllos […]

Video: 1984 Detroit Tigers World Series celebration in 2014

It has been 30 years since the Tigers last won a World Series #RoarOf84. There was a celebration on Monday before the Tigers took on the Oakland A’s. What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Tigers’ last World Series than with a World Series, though, right? Eat ‘em up in ’14.

Ian Kinsler waves at Rangers dugout after homering

Before the season, Ian Kinsler made a hilarious wish that his old team, the Texas Rangers, “lose their ass” and go 0-162 this season. He also called their GM a sleaze ball. In his first game back in Texas with his new team, the Detroit Tigers, Kinsler homered in his first at bat. On his […]

Adrian Beltre collects 2500th hit, head rub

Beltre’s 2,500th career hit was met with a standing ovation from his fans and a head rub from the always-playful Miguel Cabrera. Beltre, never pleased with anyone touching his head, immediately collected hit no. 2,501 on Cabrera’s nuts. Beltre tried to hit Cabrera in the groin a month ago in a game in Detroit after Cabrera, […]

Redskins lose federal trademark (again … for now)

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) decided on Wednesday, in a 2-1 decision, to cancel the Washington Redskins’ six (6) federal trademark registrations including the term “Redskins.” According to the USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) federal law “prohibits registration of matter that disparages a substantial composite, which need not be a majority, […]

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Detroit Red Wings Twitter tells #puckbunny to aim higher in life

A self-proclaimed #puckbunny tweeted to the Red Wings that she’d like to marry a Red Wings player in the future. The Red Wings responded (above), telling her to aspire to do greater things than chase jerseys for a living. Don’t let the Red Wings Twitter account keep you from chasing your dreams, though, Kaylee. Jersey […]