Wednesday Winks – Finals Frenzy, Ryan Braun Tests Positive for PEDs, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard Are Semi-Homeless, & Jerry Sandusky Is In Trouble

So yeah, finals suck.

  • Just as baseball was starting to get over its whole steroid issue… it wasn’t. Brewers OF and National League MVP tested positive for PEDs. While there are some serious questions as to whether he is actually guilty of juicing, this is a serious black eye for the MLB. Braun is among a crop of superstars that was supposed to lead the MLB away from the steroid era. These accusations won’t go away any time soon, no matter how many times he proves that he’s innocent.
  • Trade shenanigans: the NBA is full of them. Chris Paul was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers for about 3 hours, then he was almost traded to the Clippers. Meanwhile, Dwight Howard is apparently not going anywhere. The NBA is positively screwing itself over, and blocking a deal that actually made a ton of sense for everyone except the Lakers isn’t helping at all.
  • Jerry Sandusky? Yeah, still not touching that (pun intended).
  • What you already know: Lindsay Lohan posed for Playboy and the cover was leaked online. What you might not know: Playboy has been on an NFL-like lockdown trying to cover up (for lack of a better phrase) some other leaked photos of Lohan. Moral of the story: like everything else in life, you still have to pay to see the goods.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover

Michigan Sugar Bowl jersey

  • Continuing our foray into semi-obscure pop culture, I’m tempted to buy Saints Row III simply because of this video. Of course, that would imply that I actually have money.