The Best Super Bowl XLIV Commercials


Overall I’d give the commercials a B-, but here are some of my favorites (in order):

Coke and The Simpsons.  They’ve both been around for a while, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for not being funny here.  Not all grandparents havve the greatest sense of humor.

Commercial kind of sucked, but I admire the architecture:

Brett Favre earns a couple more points for poking fun at his tendency to waver on retirement.

And here’s a five minute version of that MVP interview:

Golden Girl Betty White & Snickers? I admit, a nice combination.

This was a pleasant surprise from McDonalds. 

Letterman’s right: nothing sounds worse than a Super Bowl party with Leno and Oprah.

I think Doritos came out of the Super Bowl the real winners.  Not only are their chips delicious, but their commercials were the best — I think they hit .750 on the night and that’s Fame worthy in terms of Super Bowl commercials — a lot better than the 1-9 Bud Light/Budweiser hit.

The best one of the night: Keep yo hands off my momma, keep yo hands off my doritos.

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