Detroit Sports Links 2/9/12: Tigers Spring Training Schedule, Rising Stars Challenge, Yoenis Cespedes, Andy Dirks, and Barry Sanders The Showman

Light load of links for you this thirsty Thursday. Let’s get classy. 

  • Last night was Ultimate Fan Night for those not concerned with any silly intrastate rivals — The Red Wings, Pistons, Wolverines, and Spartans all won last night. The Wings have won 18 straight at home and the Pistons have won three straight overall. Michigan and MSU within a game of each other in the Big Ten standings, with big games this weekend. 
  • Interested in getting some good deals on tickets for the next Red Wings game????? 
  • Congratulations, media. You’ve turned one of the more likeable guys in sports into the fourth most disliked. Suh ranks just behind serial liar and womanizer, dog killer, and convicted felon. Don’t worry though, he definitely deserves to be disliked more than someone who made millions on a sham marriage to one of the more vile human beings in our country, LeBron James, and Alex Rodriguez. /sarcasm. I guess the question now is, where do we insert Kevin Love now, because he stepped on a guy’s face in a non-contact sport. Also, where the fuck is Ben Roethlisberger and AJ Pierzynski? 
  • I watched exactly 10 seconds of MLB Fan Cave related stuff after watching the winners’ intro videos last year, but I did scope out the Detroit finalists for this year and I’ve decided to support two of the better ones — Jay Tuohey and Michael Heidner. 

Barry Sanders car dealership? I hope it’s exactly like Ashley Shaffer BMW with the closers and Scott, who will finger you with his penis. That’s what we do around here. Woot. Woot.

Barry Sanders 2012 Spot 1 from Boiling Point Media on Vimeo.

Kenny Powers wrote the 2010 Tigers preview here. He’s back writing for, penning an open letter to Timothy Tebow.

Speaking of Tigers previews, here’s The Big Lebowski reimagined as Jaws. Abide. And who do you think should do the 2012 Tigers preview? Please leave your suggestions in the comments. 

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