Detroit Sports Links – Trey Burke Might Leave Michigan, Lions Re-Sign Stephen Tulloch, & Chipper Jones to Retire at End of Season

Michigan State basketball fans are understandably down today after last night’s loss to Louisville. Michigan fans have had a week to get over their team’s loss to Ohio, but the potential of losing PG Trey Burke to the NBA is much more frightening than an early NCAA exit.

The Lions re-signed middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch to a 5-year extension earlier this week. While terms of the contract haven’t been released, I can’t imagine that the Lions overpaid based on the other moves they have made so far this offseason. And in case you weren’t a fan of the Jeff Backus deal, it’s only about half as expensive as we first thought.

If that isn’t enough Lions excitement for you, they hosted former Oregon RB LaMichael James for a pre-draft visit this week as well.

Pavel Datsyuk: the Russian Don Draper? OK, so maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but Datsyuk says that being an ad man wouldn’t be out of the question in this interview with Puck Daddy. [h/t Winging It In Motown]

After signing former Lion Drew Stanton and then trading for Tim Tebow, it appears that the Jets will try to move Stanton in order to appease the former Spartan. #FreeStanton indeed.

Longtime Atlanta Braves 3B Chipper Jones has announced that he will retire after next season. Jones, one of my favorite non-Tiger players ever, is the reason that I tried switch hitting for a season when I was 12. Never mind the fact that I was like a .200 hitter from the right side to start with.

Are you getting married soon? First off, it sucks to be you congratulations. Next, read this guide to the perfect bachelor party. Third, don’t fuck up.

The University of Michigan campus went nuts yesterday over a cougar possibly roaming around (and knowing North Campus, I believe it), so naturally, someone made a Twitter for the hungry feline.

A few last-minute things: Jeremy Shockey ain’t snitchin’. Yup, more Kate Upton. More proof that another American Pie movie is a bad idea. Only NPH looks better than he did in ’99 and he’s not even in the movie. Shaka Smart turns down Illinois and will stay at VCU.