Detroit Sports Links – Tigers Scrimmage Roster, Big Ten Championship Possibilities, Nick Lidstrom’s Foot, & Miguel Cabrera T-Shirts

It’s officially official now: the Tigers’ lineup announcement for today’s scrimmage against Florida Southern mean baseball is truly back. The only question that this game will answer? Whether Prince Fielder can hit another 600 foot home run.

Chaos, commence: Michigan beat Illinois 72-61 last night, putting them in position to claim a share of the Big Ten title if (a) they beat Penn State, and (b) Ohio State can beat Michigan State on Sunday. Michigan State’s loss at Indiana on Tuesday kept both Michigan and Ohio State alive in the Big Ten race.

Panic, commence: Nick Lidstrom is going to miss at least the next two games with a bone bruise after taking a shot to the foot during practice last weekend. Despite missing both him and Pavel Datsyuk (who is still recovering from knee surgery), the Red Wings beat Columbus 5-2 on Tuesday.

Friend of the blog Doc Worn at Walkoff Woodward has been hard at work (along with the geniuses at Alternative Hero) putting together “Si or No?” t-shirts after reading Buster Olney’s blog (sadly, you gotta pay for that one) last week.

Other friends of D4L: Our man Grey at Fire Gerald Laird tells you why your favorite baseball team sucks… along with the other 29. Meanwhile, Rogo takes another national writer behind the proverbial woodshed. Finally, Rob Discher posted a picture of Kate Upton at The Production Line. (possibly along with some words afterward. We’re not sure.)

Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried proves that it’s not a good idea to get a judy choppin’ and a kung fu kickin’ at the same time. [h/t The Basketball Jones]

Remember the movie Little Giants? Of course you do, it was an integral part of your childhood. While nobody knows what happened to Rick Moranis since then, we can safely say that The Icebox has become a total smokeshow. [h/t @ThunderTreats]

I have zero interest in college baseball or the University of Mississippi, but this sounds like possibly the greatest sporting event I’ve never been to.