Detroit Sports Links – Pistons Lose Again, Jason Richardson Likes to Sit on the Bench, Bruce Bowen’s Jersey Retired, & Zombie Joe Flacco

The Pistons got spanked by the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. Maybe it was because they were shooed out of the gym during practice so that a movie could be filmed? Or maybe it was because they don’t have Kevin Durant. At least they didn’t get beat as bad as the Wizards did.

That last sentence should be the Pistons’ new marketing slogan. I expect my paycheck by the end of the week, Mr. Gores.

Things we forgot to mention last night: Some guy named Lindstom plays for the Red Wings now and the Tigers are very interested in this Yoenis Cespedes character.

Former MSU Spartan Jason Richardson wanted to get a few extra seconds of rest in his game against the Boston Celtics. With how cramped the NBA schedule is this season, I don’t blame him.

The San Antonio Spurs are going to retire Bruce Bowen’s jersey. For a franchise who has honored the likes of George Gervin and David Robinson in the past, this seems a bit cheap to me. However, their fans are happy, so I guess that’s cool. I’m just happy that I grew up in a region where jersey retirements mean something special.

Looks like the “family” in Family Feud no longer applies. Apparently this is a regular occurrence now, because I wasted an hour of my life watching similar videos on Youtube last night.

Zombie Joe Flacco.

Zombie Joe Flacco

If you watch It’s Always Sunny, this .gif slideshow is definitely not a waste of an hour. If you need the rest of the show title to know what I’m talking about, just move on.

I don’t know how Steve Nash has the free time to be making these videos. Speaking of videos, I was just pointed towahds this one about shahks and stuff.

Check out that rapper that dissed Turtle in Entourage wearing a Pittsburgh hat.