Detroit Sports Links – Gordie Howe Battling Dementia, Mark Sanchez & Kim Kardashian, Madonna’s Super Awkward Interview, and Stephen A. Smith’s Middle Finger Salute

The Pistons are fresh off of an 0-3 stretch in 3 days, but are feeling somewhat upbeat after not getting utterly destroyed in their last game against New Jersey. Seriously, this is just depressing.

More depressing still is the news that Gordie Howe has been suffering from dementia over the past few years.

Do the Tigers need a left-handed starter? The “may the best man win” argument is pretty strong, but the real solution is to sign this guy.

Turns out, MSU’s Draymond Green might not be that hurt after all. Good news for the Spartans. And to be fair to the other half of the state, here’s a Tim Hardaway Jr. alley oop. Pay no mind to the over-excited announcer.

Tom Brady watched last year’s Super Bowl via illegal stream, which kinda makes you wonder where the hell he was that didn’t have the most-watched TV broadcast in the world on TV.

If this year’s Super Bowl were a movie… I probably wouldn’t watch it because I’d rather go see Denzel Washington blow shit up.

Proof that there is too much time before the Super Bowl: during separate interviews, Madonna revealed that she wants her daughter to go to Michigan, and that she has never seen Alex Rodriguez’s creepy centaur picture. Honestly, I’m more surprised about the Michigan thing.

Alex Rodriguez ass grab

Stephen A. Smith claims that he didn’t give Skip Bayless the Hawaiian peace sign, but video evidence says otherwise. Also saying otherwise: Stephen A’s history of other on-air naughtiness.

If Arizona State is Ball So Hard University, then Alabama surely has earned the title U (of) Troll So Hard.

Mark Sanchez and Kim Kardashian are apparently an item. Speaking of useless talents, Jersey Shore’s J-Woww decided to pop balloons with her balloons.

Fox Sports Detroit sideline reporter random fan interviewer Shannon Hogan might have been looking to get a little busy last night.

For having a name like Zoltan Mesko, the former Michigan punter does a pretty bad Borat impression.

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