50,000 People Might Get A Little High At Silverdome Halloween Pot Party


The Silverdome, the old home of the Detroit Lions (there’s a joke in there somewhere), is hosting a three-day Cannabis Convention on Halloween weekend.

Sponsors of the event say, “this isn’t a bunch of pot-smoking hippies getting together, but there might be some, along with people from all walks of life. This is an opportunity for people to learn the law, discuss issues and see the latest in equipment. Some equipment can be used by people who bring their own medicine, but these will be carefully guarded areas, and people will have to show the proper ID cards to use them.”

“Some equipment,” which people need “proper ID cards to use,” sounds a lot like potential bong rips. New Michigan law says smoking is not allowed in privately owned buildings (like the Silverdome), but what’s a cannabis convention if people don’t at least get a little high? Naturally, cops are concerned 50,000 people — the expected turnout for the weekend — are going to get high, put on their Scream masks and start stabbing people. Ahhhhhhh, I’m so high.

[Detroit News]

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