On Detroit Casinos and Poker

Hitting jackpots in Motown Nowadays, Detroit is in a constant state of rebuilding its environs and economy from the pervasive effects of a harrowing recession that can still be felt to this day. Although the restoration process has been characterized by fits and starts, Detroit’s sports teams soldier on and perform admirably under the pressures, […]

Derek Jeter is retiring

Former Kalamazoo Maroon Derek Jeter is retiring from baseball after the 2014 season. He will be 40. Jeter's had quite a career in pinstripes … and between the sheets. Jeter's retirement announcement has given everyone a chance to talk about how awesome he was at hitting home runs with the ladies and then giving them […]

Michael Sam is gay

It's true; the SEC's co-defensive player of the year and NFL prospect bravely came out of the closet on Sunday night before the draft combine and NFL draft. When/if drafted in the 2014 NFL Draft, Sam will become the first active openly gay athlete in one of the four major sports.  Let's dismiss any effects […]

Eminem’s ‘Berzerk’

Eminem released another song from his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. It's called 'Berzerk' and it's bumpin' like some Billy Squier and Beastie Boys.  Have a listen below:  I took the first verse and turned it into a little bit of a Detroit Lions preview, which will be part of a larger preview I […]

Eminem drops ‘Survival’, new album forthcoming

Eminem's newest song "Survival" is out and it's quality. Marshall Mathers will have a whole new album of quality listening dropping this fall, just in time for all the commercial breaks during Detroit Tigers playoff games and Detroit Lions games.  Enjoy this single in the meantime: 

National anthem at Boston TD Garden is horripilating

Just two days after the inexplicably senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon, the Boston Bruins hosted the Buffalo Sabres at the TD Garden. During the national anthem, things got dusty and flat out fucking awesome. This is what America is all about right here, folks: UNITY.  We mentioned on our Facebook page yesterday that […]

Detroit’s Doug Anderson wins another dunk contest

University of Detroit Mercy's Doug Anderson, Mott CC alum, knows how to dunk a basketball. That's to put it as boringly as possible. Because his dunks were not boring.  Here's his 4th dunk of the college slam dunk competition, which won him the competition quite easily: For a look at his other three dunks, […]

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Yu Darvish not perfect like this Astros fan’s mustache

Yu Darvish almost threw a perfect game against the Astros on Tuesday night. He was phenomenal, striking out 14 batters and barely breaking a sweat, but he was pulled after giving up a two-out single up the middle in the ninth. You know who was perfect throughout? This Astros fan with the crazy mustache:  Unlike […]

Are You Watching This Year’s Masters Tournament?

  After last year’s improbable victory by Bubba Watson, many wonder what the results for the Masters 2013 will hold. Taking place during the first week of April, this is the first major PGA tournament of the year, so the winner will set the bar for the golf year to come. It’s hard to predict who will […]

SITE NEWS: D4L Is Back In Action

As you can see, things have been slow around here recently. The reasons? First, my parents own the worst wireless known to mankind. Mom and Dad, I love you, but buy a new router. Second, and more important, I’ve been having some computer issues. What kind of issues, you might ask? Let’s just put it […]

What Each Detroit Sports Team Should Do If They Win the Mega Millions Jackpot

Let’s pretend for a minute that the owners of our beloved Detroit sports franchises didn’t already look at tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot like a single paycheck. If Mike Ilitch, William Ford (the young one, not that old moron), or Tom Gores won the $640 million up for grabs, what should they buy for their respective […]