Tom Brady spoke to Michigan’s football team before getting drubbed by Lions

Tom Brady was in Michigan last Thursday, where his New England Patriots were going to take on the Detroit Lions in Week 3 of the 2013 preseason. Naturally, Brady made the trek over to Ann Arbor to see his old stomping grounds at The Big House — he put on his old uni, probably hit on some freshmen, and generally had a nostalgic experience. 

Michigan kicks off it's highly anticipated season on Labor Day weekend against CMU, so Brady also gave an inspirational speech to the team.

Here it is: 


Good speech. The team, in awe, likely watched Brady play that night against the hometown Lions, telling their friends something like, "yeah, he talked to us today. Man, I was inspired. No big dealllll."

Brady was then annihilated and taunted by the Lions.

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