Michigan’s Been Strugggaling A Little Recently


The Michigan basketball team been “stugggaling” a little as of late.  Joe Namath kind of strugggaling.

After the disappointing performance in the Old Spice Classic Michigan looked to get back on track at home against a bottom of the pack ACC team (BC) without their best player available (although Corey Raji might have something to say about that). Instead, Boston College came to play from the get-go and thoroughly dominated Michigan in nearly every facet. Don’t let the four point spread (62-58) fool you, it was more like a 14 point spread. To make matters worse (for Michigan’s RPI at least) just a week after defeating Michigan BC lost to those mighty Crimson fellers from Harvard, you know, the program with Tommy Amaker at the helm.

Troubles Resume

After an uninspiring effort against Arkansas Pine-Bluff (67-53 W) Michigan headed out to Utah, or perhaps the “Mormom State of Mind” as Anthony Wright on his Twitter so eloquently stated  (yes, Wright did spell Mormon wrong).

I don’t remember a ton about this game but I do remember an annoying Utah freshman having a career game.  It started to get ugly in the second half, clank three after clank three. Homework was calling my name, so I jumped ship.

I’ll just say this, it became more apparent than ever that this team will live and die from downtown and the sooner every Michigan basketball fan can accept that the better off they will be. With the roster Michigan has now, they will never be anything more than a perimeter oriented team (and welcome to Beilein ball people, it’s not a surprise anymore). The only thing I can concede to that is by saying Manny and DeShawn do have the ability to create their own shots, but at times it’s difficult because sometimes the system just doesn’t allow for that, and other teams defensive schemes are well aware that if you can stop one of them from going off you’re probably in a great position to beat them.  This team plays outside-outside, and unfortunately that’s probably not going to change.  Like I said, the sooner people finally accept it the better off they will be.  Once more of Michigan’s shooters start heating up the offense will look a whole lot prettier and hopefully those L’s will turn into W’s.  Yeah, I would like Sims to post up more too, but come on, this whole thing is taking the shape of the Rasheed Wallace stuff when he was in Detroit, you take the good shots with the bad.  Just accept it.

At any rate, I cracked up reading many of the comments on UMHoops.com after the BC and Utah losses. Two of the best:

by  brogrich #1 fan (post BC game)

“Hey Sam and Maize Rage-

Can you please get rid of the Chinese Fire Drill. It looks stupid and makes us all look like non-basketball fans. Thank you.”

Some Maize Rage infighting? Now that’s a shocker.

by brady– (post Utah game)

“Stu Douglass was AWFUL last night, his 1st half was awful, then he STARTED the 2nd half, I couldn’t figure that one out, he plays scared out there and he got lost on D a few times, why is this kid in the rotation, are we THAT bad?”

Did you just jump on the bandwagon this year dude?

Victory Over Detroit on Sunday

Decent effort from Michigan, especially in the second half when the defense made it tough for the Titans to get clean looks. Detroit is definitely a formidable mid-major, but like a lot of mid-majors they didn’t quite have the depth to stay with a slightly more talented team for the whole 40 minutes. Detroit was much more athletic than Michigan and it showed during much of the first half.  Thankfully Sims and Harris played pretty consistently (18-28 fgs) and Stu Douglass and Laval Lucas-Perry made some nice buckets as well. Only one other player made a field goal (Zack Novak). For all that depth it seemed Michigan would have for this season it sure doesn’t look like it’s coming along all that well right now.

Big game on the road this Saturday against the Kansas Jayhawks. I’ve heard they have a pretty nice basketball program over there.

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