Jim Harbaugh eats a booger, denies ever eating boogers Important question to Jim Harbaugh at his weekly presser was whether or not he enjoyed the booger he ate during Saturday’s win against UCF, or something like that. Harbaugh responded with the following (via Freep): “I have never eaten a booger in my entire life,” Harbaugh said. “It might have looked like that was happening. But if you […]

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VIDEO: Amara Darboh one-handed (or two-finger) catch

This will be your No. 1 play on SportsCenter on Saturday night. Then they’ll show the OBJ catch. This one is better, because we’re biased. Some nice stick ’em on those already-made-to-be-extremely-sticky gloves. Michigan won 31-0, Jim Harbaugh’s first signature win as Michigan head coach. It was Michigan’s first win against a ranked team […]

Derek Jeter meets Jim Harbaugh, gets personalized Michigan jersey

What do you think they’re saying to each other here? Jeter probably being humble as fuck and Jim Harbaugh probably telling Jetes that Charles Woodson would kill him if he saw this — and, oh yeah, Jetes, you should probably drink some milk and do some push ups, because your arms and chest are looking kind of weak.

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Jim Harbaugh knows how to answer questions about milk

Michigan media day. Jim Harbaugh. Enough said. Okay, not enough. Kids are cute: Harbaugh answered the question with the only way you can answer that question, with a hug and “as much milk as your little belly can hold.” He probably could’ve added that he shouldn’t drink any of that candy-ass 2% milk and when […]

Michigan Football Tickets Seeing High Prices Under Fresh Start With Jim Harbaugh

The Michigan football program has taken its lumps over the past few seasons, trying to find the right coach to take them out of their recent run of mediocrity at one of college football’s premier programs. They deemed to have found their “Michigan Man” in coach Jim Harbaugh, who left his previous head coaching position […]

Jim Harbaugh makes ESPN interview worth listening to

This ESPN interview never would’ve been seen by Bobby B here had it not been for JIM HARBAUGH! Jim Harbaugh was hastily introduced, if at all, and never greeted respectably. Harbaugh called this

Mark Richt thinks it’s freezing in June

Michigan is holding nine different satellite camps across seven states starting in June before holding its own camp in Ann Arbor and the S-E-C is mad, bro. Jim Harbaugh going to steal all the recruits and whole milk.