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Jim Harbaugh knows how to answer questions about milk

Michigan media day. Jim Harbaugh. Enough said. Okay, not enough. Kids are cute: Harbaugh answered the question with the only way you can answer that question, with a hug and “as much milk as your little belly can hold.” He probably could’ve added that he shouldn’t drink any of that candy-ass 2% milk and when […]

Michigan Football Tickets Seeing High Prices Under Fresh Start With Jim Harbaugh

The Michigan football program has taken its lumps over the past few seasons, trying to find the right coach to take them out of their recent run of mediocrity at one of college football’s premier programs. They deemed to have found their “Michigan Man” in coach Jim Harbaugh, who left his previous head coaching position […]

Jim Harbaugh makes ESPN interview worth listening to

This ESPN interview never would’ve been seen by Bobby B here had it not been for JIM HARBAUGH! Jim Harbaugh was hastily introduced, if at all, and never greeted respectably. Harbaugh called this

Mark Richt thinks it’s freezing in June

Michigan is holding nine different satellite camps across seven states starting in June before holding its own camp in Ann Arbor and the S-E-C is mad, bro. Jim Harbaugh going to steal all the recruits and whole milk.

This is not a good look, Dave Brandon

Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon does not look good here. Some people need to re-evaluate their priorities in life. Responding like a smug prick to not-even-what-should-be-considered-hate mail probably falls right below “Pissing and moaning in an email to my favorite team’s AD (or GM or head coach).” If you want to complain about your favorite team all so the head […]

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Michigan football embarrasses itself vs. Michigan State

Spartans stuck it to the Wolverines, 35-11. 35-11. MSU had a chance to run out the clock at the end of the game, too, but instead decided to run up the score. Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio didn’t hold back after the game [via Maize N Brew]: “As far as the score at the end, […]

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Shane Morris was clearly hurt. Fire Brady Hoke. Maybe it’s about potentially endangering this young man’s health or maybe it’s that Brady Hoke just sucks and was merely a temporary upgrade over Rich Rodriguez. Either way, fire him and don’t check on him after the door hits his head on the way out. Here’s some great info on the Shane Morris incident: Item […]


Michigan recruit Brian Cole announces commitment like LeBron

The No. 65 prospect in the nation is coming home and announced it just like LeBron did, kind of. Clever wide receiver. Cole joins an already stacked 2015 class at Michigan, which includes four-star QB Alex Malzone, with whom Cole visited, five-star tight end Chris Clark, four-star corner Garrett Taylor, four-star linebacker Darrin Kirkland, four-star […]

Ndamukong Suh can’t hang with Mike Martin in the weight room

Michigan Man and Detroit native Mike Martin talks a lot of shit to Suh and outdoes him in the weight department, but Suh is a superior football player, which is what they get paid to do. Ironically, it’s Martin who comes off like a big ol’ jerk here and you almost feel bad for the boy named Suh.