Zach Randolph Finds Trouble…Again

According to Deadspin, Memphis Grizzlies’ big man Zach Randolph has once again put himself into a precarious predicament.  Indiana news websites are reporting that the former Michigan State Spartan, has been implicated in an ongoing drug investigation.

Apprarently, it all started when Indiana police pulled over a vehicle which was registered to Randolph, and upon searching it, produced both marijuana and firearms.  The vehicle search also turned up information regarding a storage facility which was rented in Randolph’s name.  Once the officers raided said storage unit, it too contained drugs and ammunition. Although charges have yet to be filed against Randolph, it’s not looking too promising for him at this point.

Zach is no stranger when it comes to mischievous activity, so I’m not a bit surprised to be relaying this story.  What I cannot fathom, however, is why a man who is set to make $33 million over two seasons in Memphis, would want to affiliate himself with large scale drug operations.  His best bet is to take the Sprewell route, and blame it all on his hungry children (assuming he has any).