Wisconsin Fan Reacting To MSU’s Comeback Victory Is Awesome

I just stumbled on this video of a Wisconsin fan watching the closing seconds of MSU’s come back win the other night. Posting this video is me channeling my inner Eric Cartman (for our German readers, go here). Easily the highlight of this video is when Greg flops on the ground in a way much like his heroes on the Wisconsin basketball team are taught to do.

The main reason I’m posting this up is that this isn’t the first time a fan has inexplicably been filmed or filmed themselves watching an excruciating loss to MSU and then immediately uploaded their sorrow to the internets for all to enjoy. The first example came after Korie Lucious’ buzzer beater sent MSU to the Sweet 16 last year against Maryland (everytime I watch this, I’m just amazed that Green’s pass doesn’t bounce off Roe’s head before getting to Lucious and thus becoming one of the all-time great bloopers in MSU history). This guy I legitimately felt bad for, mostly because he’s also sporting a Nationals shirt.