The Michigan State Spartans Are Undefeated And Undoubtedly Going To Win A National Championship

Like all Spartan fans, I go to youtube and search “ugly ass Michigan fan” on a daily basis. Saturday’s rivalry game finally produced a result.

I was in Ann Arbor last Saturday. To put it mildly, it was a decent day for my team. I wasn’t in the stadium, mostly due to me not wanting to part with any of my internal organs to pay for a ticket, but I was still able to have a swell time in AA. I’ve been in Michigan Stadium numerous times in my life…usually on the bad end of the result. 100,000+ yelling “GO BLUE” can be pretty intimidating. That is unless you are a manic Arrested Development fan and everytime they yell “GO BLUE,” your ears are now trained to hear “GOB BLUTH.” All of sudden you feel like you are surrounded by your buddies. Magic.

I was going to write a recap of the game, but, I felt that would come off a bit neener-neenerish at this point. So, let’s kick back, and reunite the state on something we all can enjoy…Brett Favre getting hit in the funballs.