Mike Leach Fired, Bad News for Michigan State

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach was fired today after a bizarre incident where he allegedly shunned back-up wide receiver Adam James to an electrical closet. I’ve read all of the Joe Shad reports on the incident, and I still really don’t know what to make of it. On one hand, it sounds like Adam James was being a spoiled, disgruntled brat, riding on the coat tails of his dad and SMU great Craig James. But on the other hand, I cannot fathom why Leach would send him to the dungeon for a concussion; it’s just a weird situation.

Either way, it doesn’t boad well for Michigan State.

That’s the last thing the under-manned Spartans need is a rallying cry for the heavily-favored Red Raiders. Even though this will take the heat off of the Spartan program for cracking skulls at a residence hall, it’s going to give Texas Tech extra motivation for the Valero Alamo Bowl. It seems to be split on current and former players who support Leach and support James, but nontheless, they all support intermin coach Ruffin McNeil and are now focused on the game this Satuday.

Some may view this as a distraction for Texas Tech with all of the national hoopla, but I think it’s taking an already superior team to the Spartans and making them angry. And you don’t want to make the Texas Tech offense angry.