Kalin Lucas Tattoos Ultimatum


A good way for athletes to remember their goals and/or what they need to do on a daily basis is by putting it on a little note and hanging it on the bulletin board in the lockerroom, or in your locker.  Others choose to take the more permanent route.

Michigan State’s guard, Kalin Lucas, showed up on media day rocking an enormous ink reminder on his right bicep: “Attack or Die.”

It looks like there is a hand palming a basketball, engulfed in flames, on top of what appears to be a rabid dog. “Attack” separates the two images and “or Die” runs along the bottom.

I assume it’s much deeper than “attack the rim or die,” but you get the idea.  It’s just funny he got this little reminder on his arm when he did, because I just got “Spell check or be ridiculed by your peers” across my chest yesterday.  There’s a dictionary.com logo above the “spell check” and a picture of someone who I assume is a Bloguin editor pointing and laughing at me near my belly button. It’s sexual and violent.

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