Alex Rodriguez gets lack of #RE2PECT

You may know the awesome #RE2PECT Nike tribute video to Derek Jeter. Well, this is the #F13KYOU tribute video to Alex Rodriguez. It’s so well done. F13K A-Rod (RE2PECT Parody) from Funny Or Die

2013 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket and TV Schedule

I've found THIS to be the best, most-neutral printable bracket. The schedule for the games this week are below. Tuesday, Mar. 19 (First-round games from Dayton, OH) Both games: Marv Albert (play-by-play), Steve Kerr (analyst) and Craig Sager (reporter) North Carolina A&T vs. Liberty, 6:30 p.m. ET (TruTV) Middle Tennessee State vs. St. Mary's, 9 […]

Top 5 Central Michigan athletes of All Time

Central Michigan University standout offensive tackle Eric Fisher held his pro day in Mount Pleasant yesterday, and, to no one’s surprise, continued to impress NFL scouts. Fisher flew under the radar most of his collegiate career, but after a great senior season and a dominant Senior Bowl week, he has risen to be considered a […]

Brett Lawrie Throws His Helmet, Hitting an Umpire and His Wallet In the Process

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie wasn’t happy with a couple of strike calls during last night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays. And by “wasn’t happy,” I mean he did his best Delmon Young impression and hit the home plate umpire with his helmet. Check out the video before it gets yanked down […]

Updated: Brandon Inge Makes Debut for Oakland A’s, Flies Out to Center

Brandon Inge, who was released by the Tigers last week, is currently making his debut for the Oakland A’s this evening at Fenway Park in Boston. In his first at bat, Inge flied out to center field on the second pitch that he saw. Yeah, that’s just weird. Especially the #18. Update: Inge walked on […]

VIDEO: Anthony Davis’ Unibrow Gives Him Super Jumping Abilities

Well, at least one of this weekend’s Final Four games was competitive. It just wasn’t the one we all expected. Louisville gave Kentucky everything that they could handle for a good 38 minutes or so, then couldn’t finish their comeback, losing 69-61. One predictable aspect of this game was the play of future Piston Anthony […]

Hey, At Least the MLB Is Honest About All These Random Spring Training Prospects

With the expanded rosters that teams are allowed to have during Spring Training, it gets tough to keep track of everyone’s name. Hell, Jim Leyland can’t even keep his 5th starter candidates straight half the time. So when the St. Louis Cardinals’ Fox Sports broadcast does something like this, it’s not like we know much […]

Drew Stanton Traded to Colts, Might Actually Have a Chance of Starting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets earlier this week. This didn’t sit well with Drew Stanton, who signed with the Jets after being promised the backup job behind Mark Sanchez. Despite what seems like complete ineptitude from the Jets’ front office — […]

2012 NCAA Tournament Preview: Detroit Titans

Probably not going to happen, but at least you’ll be fired up to sit on the couch all night. WHEN DOES DETROIT PLAY?*: DETROIT PLAYS ON FRIDAY (TODAY) AT 9:57 PM *This section sponsored by ESPN, because I had to click on 12 different pages of their godforsaken website to find the fucking game time. […]

Elijah Dukes Tries to Swallow a Bag of Weed, Gets Arrested

Elijah Dukes, former outfielder of the Tampa Bay Rays and Washington Nationals, was arrested on drug charges when police pulled him over and found him in possession of marijuana. Even better, Dukes tried to eat his special stash before the cops got to his window. D4L’s crack research team was able to determine exactly what Dukes […]