VCU & Butler to Meet In Final Four (The Official “Your Bracket Is F**ked” Post)

Two weeks ago, Dick Vitale stained his Blue Devil undies while delivering an inspiring* yet misguided rant on why VCU didn’t belong in the NCAA tournament. Now, VCU is headed to the Final Four after dismantling top-seeded Kansas, and we get to watch people go nuts in Richmond. [via Mid Major Madness]

*Not gonna lie, I was ready to go after Vitale was done talking. I easily filled out 6 brackets in 20 minutes after he finished his anti-small school soliloquy.

The coolest thing about VCU’s pending Final Four experience is that they aren’t alone: Butler beat Florida in OT on Saturday and will be VCU’s next opponent. Intensity while coaching is essential. [pics via Mock Session]

Brad Stevens Butler
Shaka Smart VCU

On the cool kids (a.k.a. boring) side of the bracket, Connecticut out-Kemba’d Arizona on Saturday. Kentucky out-Calipari’d North Carolina earlier today, making this guy look like a total genius when, in reality, his wife/girlfriend/non-basketball-watching female friend probably thought Shaka Smart was cute and filled out the bracket for him.

2011 Final Four bracket

Someone get that dude to Vegas ASAP.