Ump Misses Call on Young’s Crazy Catch off Garrett Jones’ Shin


The Pirates could use all the help they can get while Tim Lincecum stifles their hitters.  Tonight, a missed call by the field umpire on one of the most bizarre plays you’ll ever see cost them a run.

With 2-outs in the 3rd inning, down 3-0 and runners at the corners, Randy Winn hit a blooper to shallow right field.  Garrett Jones came charging for it, but the ball tailed off his glove, hit off his shin into the air, and into diving second basemen, Delwyn Young’s barehand.   That’s right, it tipped off Jones’ glove, off his shin, and right to a diving Delwyn Young.

However, the umpire did not call it a catch (and scorers called it a hit).  Luckily, Randy Winn thought it was a catch (or crazily thought he could stretch that into a double) and was caught way off of first base, on his way toward second, and tagged for the third out.  But not before the Giants runner from third touched home plate and gave them a 4-0 lead.

Upon further review, it was definitely a catch and the Pirates “was robbed.”  Now it’s not like it’s going to matter because Lincecum is pitching for the Giants and the Pirates are, well, the Pirates.  (Oh, they’re not that bad, this is just me being bitter because they took two out of three from the Tigers in Pittsburgh, the weekend we lost the Cup to the birds that can’t fly.)  This could cause some serious controversy if the Pirates wind up losing by a run.  Right now, they trail 4-2.

VIDEO UPDATE: Look at the :23 second mark for the play, the rest of the video just talks about Mitch Kramer dealing for the Giants.

VIDEO UPDATE #2: Nike confiscated the last video… here’s another

The assisted catch off of a teammate’s leg is a pretty impressive feat and definitely worthy of a post, but it wasn’t quite like this one:

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