Twins Fan’s Ball-Game Proposal Goes Awry

With the crowd on its feet, cheering their hearts out for this adorable gentleman who just got on one knee in front of his girlfriend bearing a shiny ring in a small box….

Oh… man… I did not expect to see that.

I’m sure there are a few explanations for the way that turned out.  Maybe the ring wasn’t big enough. Maybe he called her by the wrong name when he asked if he could put it on her finger.  Maybe his breath smelled of relish.

Or maybe his girlfriend explicitly said to him, like my fiance once told me, “never propose to me at a baseball game. I get why you’re a baseball fan, I support that, I’ll even wear this god-awful Twins t-shirt to the game with you, but if you ever feel like you might want to marry me, never propose to me at a game.”  I obliged, not only because it’s terribly cheesy for sports fans, but because I didn’t want to get slapped in the face in front of 40,000 people.

Lesson learned for this guy.

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