The Haunted World Series: 10 Things That Would Make the World Series a Freaking Nightmare


I know it’s not Halloween yet, but c’mon, everyone is in the spirit.

I am at least.  I carved pumpkins last weekend with my fiance, only to have them completely mold over a few days later; I’ve been eating all the candy that we purchased, but never planned on handing out to children; and I bought a couple mullet wigs yesterday, so I can morph into either Joe Dirt or Kenny Powers, and have an excuse to be an asshole in character, come Saturday night’s party.  What a holiday!

With the World Series beginning Wednesday night and game three being on Halloween night, I thought I’d do a little haunted World Series post for shits and giggles (or hate comments).  So, without further ado, here are ten circumstances that would make the World Series a freaking nightmare:

10) Cliff Lee vs. CC Sabathia in Game 1… if you’re a Cleveland Indians fan.  Oh, that’s really happening?  Sucks for you Cleveland.

9) After hitting key homers in both Games 1 & 2, Raul Ibanez skips Game 3 to beat up a blogger implying steroids could be the reason for his hot start in the World Series.

8) CC Sabathia eats Cole Hamels’ babies.

7)  Pedro Martinez is miffed by “Don Zimmer Bald Cap Night” at Yankee Stadium during Game 2.  He loses his cool, starts running around the stadium grabbing people by their head, and throwing them to the ground.

6)  Jamie Moyer comes back from the dead to pitch Game 7.

5) Mariano Rivera dresses up as 2009 regular season Brad Lidge for Halloween.

4)  Joe Girardi loses count of how many relievers he’s used and has to resort to Nick Swisher in the 5th inning.

3)  Shane Victorino is drowned in a pool of beer during pre-game warmups by Jeffrey Maier and John Macchione (a la Landfill in Beer Fest).

2) Kate Hudson reveals to A-Rod before Game 3 that she’s writing a story for the New York Post titled, “How to Lose a Guy During the World Series.”  A-Rod cries and loses his groove.

1) Tim McClelland and Dale Scott greet the managers at homeplate before Game 1. “Hi, we’re the Co-Chief of the Crew.  We’ll be friends ’til the end!”


If you have any to add, feel free to do so in the comments.

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