Supermodel Joanna Krupa PUNKS Terrell Owens


Tonight the show “Superstars” will air on ABC at 8 PM EST.  It puts the best athletes from different sports against one another in a series of Gladiator/Survivor-like competitions.

NFL Live on ESPN gave a sneak peek of the show today and the clip they showed was Buffalo Bills newest WR, Terrell Owens struggling to get through the ropes portion of one of the “athletic” events.  While Terrell Owens struggles, supermodel teammate Joanna Krupa (hot) is shown waiting in the wings and complaining about Owens’ struggles.  Krupa could not start running through the obstacles until Owens finished and as I mentioned, he had a rough time doing so.  When Krupa finally got her chance to go and crossed the finish line she stiffed Owens high-five and bitched about Owens’ epic failure with the ropes.

Owens let’s Krupa’s bithiness roll right off his back and even tries to pep his team up afterward.  Krupa took exception and goes off on him saying, “Let’s go?  You’re the one that fucked up.” Owens could only look on in disbelief.

Normally when you see someone confront T.O. you see him bark back.  However, this is TV, so I don’t believe for a second that Krupa gets the best of T.O.  Either way, it’s a great move by T.O.’s PR team nonetheless (And Krupa’s for making her look even hotter).

Here is a 16 second clip of Krupa bitching at T.O. and then a preview of the show. If it looks like something you’re interested in, then watch it tonight on ABC.

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