Should the NBA Change Its Logo?

There have been mutterings that the NBA logo, featuring Lakers’ legend Jerry West, is getting a bit outdated. These outcries have become a bit louder recently now that Kobe Bryant has broken West’s Lakers’ franchise scoring record.

NBA logo

The popular opinion is that the NBA should change its logo and make Michael Jordan the main attraction. The theory is that MJ made the game into what it is today: a high-flying, above-the-rim game that tends to emphasize star power more than team play. Regardless of what I think about the matter (it’s a dog shit idea, West is a legend), what is the NBA going to use? This?

Jordan Jumpman logo

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’ve seen this before

Nike would have a field day with any and all lawsuits against the NBA, not to mention people would wonder if MJ was the new commissioner. However, this talk got me thinking. What if other professional sports leagues decided to change their logos to reflect the modern game?


See what I think the other leagues could do after the jump…


NFL logo

NFL: The NFL’s logo is a definite classic. Though the NBA and MLB also use red, white, and blue in their respective logos, I associate the NFL’s logo with patriotism and America more than the others, probably because of the stars. If the NFL were to change their logo, there’s not really one single player that I could pinpoint as the “godfather” of the modern NFL quite like MJ is to the NBA. However, I can definitely think of something that represents what the league has turned into.

Madden 10

The pass-happy NFL has practically turned into a weekly 7-on-7 drill with the numerous rules that limit what a defensive player can and cannot do to a QB or WR. It’s impossible to give up less than 40 points per game in Madden despite EA Sports’ claims that it’s stepped up the defensive A.I. over the years (and that’s in 2 minute quarters). Given that this year’s Madden is the best I’ve played in a long time, Mr. Polamalu and Mr. Fitzgerald get the honor of being the NFL’s official logo (for this year at least).

MLB logo

MLB: The MLB’s logo has never been attributed to a specific player but based on the guy’s stance, you know he’s white. America’s pasttime is now an international phenomenon, leading to such things as Ichiro and the World Baseball Classic. If there were a league that I’d like to see a logo change from, it’s the MLB. However, their ideas will probably be a bit different from mine.


Too easy. We’ve all seen what the MLB has become since Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa (and later Barry Bonds) shattered Roger Maris’ home run record, and I believe this new logo reflects that. Somebody needs to pay me for this shit.

NHL logo

NHL: I can’t blame the NHL for using generic colors in their logo because Canadians would bitch even more than they already do. With the new salary cap and rules emphasizing more scoring plus the increased star power the league offers, I’ve got the perfect logo for hockey to get back on track.

Sidney Crosby & Gary Bettman

Commissioner Bettman should be on board.

MLS logo

MLS: I originally wasn’t going to include the MLS since nobody watches it, but I came up with a great idea for the league to increase its viewership by utilizing the game’s biggest star in the most recognizable way possible.

Victoria Beckham

League representatives, you can find me on Twitter. I won’t accept anything under six figures.