LeBron James’ Shoe Designer Mocks Derrick Rose’s ACL Injury, Might Not Know What an ACL Is

If you’ve been half paying attention to the NBA, ESPN, or Twitter in the last 24 hours, you’re probably aware that Derrick Rose tore his ACL during yesterday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers. If not, here’s the video.

Where the real drama started, however, was with Jason Petrie, LeBron James’ shoe designer at Nike, who tweeted this shortly after the game.

Regardless of what you think about the tweet (Petrie claims it was a joke), I’m skeptical of whether Petrie understands where the ACL actually is (hint: it’s in the knee). Unless Petrie was going to design him some moon shoes, Rose’s ACL probably would have caved in a pair of Nikes. It’s doubtful that any more ankle stability was going to save him on that play.

Besides, Rose’s shoes are way cooler anyway.