Kings Show Off Big Balls vs. Bulls in 35-Point Comeback Win

The greatest comeback in sports history has long been tabbed as the Frank Reich-led Bills comeback in 1993. In that game, the Bills trailed 35-3 with just under 30 minutes left to play in the game.  The Bills miraculously won 42-40.

The Kings may have just trumped that comeback on Monday night (if only it weren’t a meaningless December game).  Trailing by 35 points (see picture below) with just under 21 minutes left in a game where you can only score two-to-three points at a time (albeit provided with many more possessions), rookie Tyreke Evans and the Kings marched all the way back and defeated the hapless Bulls 102-98.


35-point deficit!  On the road!  It’s inconceivable.  The Kings outscored the Bulls in the final 21 minutes, 58-19.  In the final four minutes, they outscored the Bulls 19-3.  Yikes.


Obviously, there were a lot of big shots for the Kings in those final 21 minutes, but the biggest shot of all was probably that from rookie sensation Tyreke Evans.  He hit a huge two pointer as the shot clock was expiring to put the Kings up three with under a minute left.  Adding to it, the ‘Big Balls dance’ ensued.


Or maybe it was the small balls dance (his hands don’t go much lower), but the right idea is there.


Tyreke may need to work on his “Big Balls Dance” by taking a peek at the following two videos:

Major League:

And Kobe displaying his rather large balls dance:

The Kings comeback spoke for the size of their balls, without the ‘Big Balls Dance,’ but Evans’ dance was a nice touch.  I’m sure it, the loss not the balls, is going to leave a mighty sour taste in the Bulls mouths for a long time. Gargle, rinse, and repeat…over and over again. 

Highlights of the game… more balls.

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