Jay Mariotti Would Retire for an Interview with Lane Kiffin [Update: No he wouldn’t]


It’s what everyone has been talking about for the past 24 hours: Lane Kiffin bolts Tennessee to take over for Pete Carroll at USC!

As far as I see it, Kiffin and USC were made for each other — Kiffin, who coached at USC under Carroll, has somewhat of a sleazeball reputation when it comes to recruiting, and handling his student-athletes (then again, who doesn’t nowadays?), and USC has their fair share of NCAA violations hovering over the program.

For all the hardcore loyalists, though, especially Tennessee Vol fans, Lane Kiffin is the scum between your big toe and Morton’s toe.  Naturally, UT fans rioted at the thought of Layla Kiffin no longer looking hot in Volunteer orange and issued some harmless hate messages, supplemented with giant penises painted on campus rocks.

But the most upset about Kiffin leaving Tennessee after just 14 months might very well be …  wait for it … Jay Mariotti!?

Mariotti has done nothing but spend the past day bashing Kiffin, drinking Amstels, and watching The Hangover.   For instance, take a look at his twitter feed from tonight (click to enlarge):


Anyone who has ever disliked Mariotti now has a new goal in life: Get Lane Kiffin to do an interview with him. If Kiffin agrees and Mariotti doesn’t hold up to his end of the bargain, there are plenty of large rocks we can vandalize outside the Around the Horn studio in Washington, D.C.  We’ll just have to make sure Reali’s mullet isn’t guarding them.

UPDATE: Joke’s on me and 600 other people following @jay_mariotti.  Apparently, it’s not really him.  For such a barfly like himself, it sure was believable.   Enjoy the drunk pic instead — it’s an original.

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