Jay Feely Tweets Truth in Bad Taste

As you have probably heard today, Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, 26, passed away earlier this morning due to the injuries he suffered after falling off a truck being driven by his fiancee.  According to the police reports, Henry was apparently in the middle of a dispute with his fiancee when he either jumped or was slung off the moving vehicle.

No matter people’s personal feelings towards a guy who went through a patch in his life where he was arrested five times in a span of 28 months, nothing he did deserved this outcome to a life he was apparently trying to turn around.  If not for his own sake, but you must feel sympathy for his fiancee and three kids, who now have to trek on without the man of the household.  It’s a sad day and my thoughts certainly go out to his family and friends.

Former Michigan kicker, and now Jets kicker, Jay Feely might feel the same way, but probably should have reconsidered this metaphor when preaching this as a lesson to his tweeps:


Thank you Father Feely, but please return to kicking balls into a net and don’t talk.  You’re a kicker.

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