I Wasn’t Pullen For Anyone In Particular, But Kansas State over Xavier in Double-OT Was Fun

I’m not so sure this game needed Gus Johnson after all, but he certainly didn’t hurt.  Hearing Gus give birth after Jordan Crawford hit that game tying three from downtown Denver, which would send the game into a second overtime, was about seven slices of March Madness heaven.  Listen for yourself around the 3:50 mark here:

Unfortunately for Xavier, Pullen’s three-pointer with 30+ seconds left in the second OT was too much to combat.  K-State won 101-96.

Now, mobster Frank Martin’s squad might get off the hook for playing “silly… selfish and silly,” but the same can not be said for these two super silly Xavier teammates:


A male crossing his legs may not be gay, and I guess it’s okay for a girl to cross her leg over a guy’s on a crowded couch, but two men’s basketball players?  No, don’t do that. Ever.  These two will have all off-season to re-think how to handle another tense moment like this one.

[image via my phone/TV]

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