Friend of D4L gets Danny DeVito to show his Troll Foot courtside at the Lakers/Suns game

If you have no clue what Danny DeVito’s ‘troll foot’ is then you probably don’t watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and you almost certainly don’t follow him on Twitter.  Since he’s the ‘troll guy’ in Charlie’s play he’s been taking pictures of his ‘troll foot’ in random places and posting them all on his Twitter page.  Seriously, there’s been some rather bizarre ‘troll foot’ appearances.  For example, in between the Jonas Brothers at some charity event.

Anyway, DeVito was sitting courtside at the Lakers game tonight and, naturally, he was seen on national TV.  My buddy Jimmy, like many of DeVito’s other 600,000+ followers, I’m sure, decided to notify DeVito that he saw him, just in case Danny wasn’t sure, and asked for him to show his ‘troll foot’ sitting courtside.

44 minutes later the foot was seen courtside in all its glorious bunions:


Yeah, it’s possible he would have shown the foot without my buddy’s recommendation, but I don’t believe it (read: it’s no fun to believe that and possibly not worth a post of the T F if that’s really the case).   Soak it up, Jimmy. You brought out the best in people tonight.

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