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ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Sports Not Leading on Biggest Sports Story of the Day

I was looking at ESPN earlier today for a little more information on the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault allegations and, to my surprise, I found nothing.  Not even a titter.  No mention of it whatsoever, on the front page or NFL page.  Apparently Big Ben and the fact that he will be in a TV show with Shaq and Albert Pujols is much more newsworthy than a huge sexual assault lawsuit.

When you have Super Bowl quarterback involved in a lawsuit, it’s probably worth mentioning on the news source that is tabbed as the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Now, it was brought to my attention that ESPN has a policy against posting civil complaints with no criminal proceedings.  Check out this tweet from Jemele Hill an ESPN columnist and reporter:

After a long discussion with my fellow law school friend, this basically means it’s a civil matter between two private people right now and ESPN has a policy against reporting this type of information.  As my buddy mentioned, athletes probably get sued all the time, so would it really be worth it to mention every single one of them?  That’d basically be giving anyone who sues an athlete their fifteen minutes of “fame,” and make ESPN a courtroom docket of lawsuits.

If the government decides to step in and bring criminal charges against Big Ben, then ESPN will most likely report it.  Right now, this is nothing more than a civil lawsuit brought forth by one private party (Andrea McNulty) against another private party (Ben Roethlisberger).  Until it escalates, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Big Ben news on ESPN.  I don’t necessarily agree with it given how this particular lawsuit has blown up amongst all the other media outlets, but that appears to be the case here.

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