ESPN Doesn’t Mind Saturday Night Live’s ‘Laser Cats’


Kansas State beat No. 1 Texas last night with the help of cats who could shoot freakin’ laser beams out of their mouths.

While Lorne Michaels would’ve fired the editor who let this headline slip through the cracks, James Cameron fully approves.  So does Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, and millions of other people who wish Saturday Night Live was half as awesome as this skit.

Watch the latest Laser Cats from this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live.   We’re staying…

Random note from the game itself:  As Kansas State fans were chanting “over-rated” about Texas, level headed color commentator, Bobby Knight, disagreed with the crowd and said they should be chanting “good effort, Texas” instead.   And Bobby Knight shouldn’t throw chairs and choke players.

Bob Biscigliano

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