Derek Jeter Vacations with Minka Kelly in St. Barts; Does Great A-Rod Impression


If you haven’t already figured it out, D4L is the best, least creepy, friend Minka Kelly doesn’t know she has.  We’re big fans of her….work.

Anyway, as you all know, she’s been seeing Captain Yankee and rumors have been swirling that they are really heating up, potentially getting engaged soon (honestly, who does that?). Well, I bring this up because they are currently vacationing in saucy St. Barts and if restraining orders didn’t prevent me I wasn’t really busy, I’d probably stop by and say hello… maybe share a cocktail with the two, sit in between them while we watch Love Actually, you know. Fun times.

But I can’t be there, so I had my private investigator follow them and take pictures instead, just to make sure Jetes, as I like to call him, is treating Ms. Kelly with the respect a lady of her stature requires.

For the record, my PI is great.  He informs me what they do all day and supplements the report with photos, and sometimes even diaglogue between the two, if his mic can inconspicuously sneak itself close enough.

The following dialogue between Jetes and Ms. Kelly, supplemented with a picture as promised by my PI, is my favorite of the bunch:

Derek: Do you want me to entertain you, Mink?

Minka: Yes, as long as you promise to keep your bicep flexed the entire time.

Derek: I can do pretty good impressions, but not quite as good as the batting stance guy.

Minka: Ohhh, let me see you impersonate Alex [Rodriguez].

Derek impersonating Alex Rodriguez (see photo): Derek! Derek! Do you and Minka want to do a double date? It’d be soooooo cute.


My PI lost audio because apparently Derek’s bodyguard caught him.  He did say though that he thinks Derek and Minka shared a hearty laugh at A-Rod’s expense after Jeter’s spot-on impression.

For the rest of the pictures, you can find them at the NY Post.

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