Carmelo Anthony Travels and Takes a Nap as Play Continues Around Him

Check this out, soccer basketball fans.  Carmelo Anthony gets punked by Kevin Durant, goes down like a KO’d boxer, gets called for traveling, and as the play continues around him he remains lying down on the court:

Carmelo was moving his arms as soon as he was on the ground, but he claims he was knocked unconscious.  He wound up walking to the locker room under his own power and, after failing a mental capacity test*, he was deemed normal and ready to return.  Sure enough, he came back and finished the Nuggets win over the Thunder a la Paul Pierce in the NBA Finals

Also, why wouldn’t Denver call a timeout when they see one of their players, their best player no less, on the ground injured?  Did they think it wasn’t serious, too?  Kind of ridiculous, if you ask me.

*While in the locker room, according to ESPN, the trainer asked Anthony to list the months of the year, backwards.  Anthony said that he couldn’t do that on a normal day.  It reminds me of when Mox deems Billy Bob okay after he fails to accurately count how many fingers he’s holding up.


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