Brett Favre’s Sears Commercial Helps his Cause A Little…

This commercial is old, I think, but I saw it for the first time tonight while I was watching the greatest show on television, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

I hated Brett Favre for as long as he played for the Packers.  It felt like an eternity, but dont worry, he didn’t feel anything because of all the pain pills.  When he retired and decided to come back and play for the Jets, I didn’t mind.  Actually, for the first time I started to admit that he was a pretty damn QB.  I hated him, but goddamnit I was starting to respect him.

Then he retired again and months later threatened a comeback.  Okay it was cute last time, but it’s not funny anymore, Brett.  Not only did he retire and say he was coming back, but he dragged it out for months on end, tickling ESPN’s balls and enraging NFL fans in the process.  Finally, after months of “I’m coming back, wait, no I’m not. Okay, I’m coming back. No wait, I’m not.  Do these jeans make my butt look fat? Okay, I’m playing,” Favre decided he was officially done.  Closure at last.


Favre was back in action as the pre-season was set to start and Favre decided he would don the even more hated purple Vikings uni.  Naturally, all the feelings I had pent up inside for him while he was on the Packers came storming back.  Die, Brett, die!

Then I saw this commercial tonight, laughed, and thought to myself, “you know Brett, since you did a good job poking fun at yourself, you just went up a couple notches in my book.”

Up to negative 2,394,384 from -2,394,386.

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