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A commenter, Soccerlover wondered on a Detroit Tigers post why Detroit4lyfe has not written anything about the USA soccer team’s impressive march to the Confederation’s Cup Final vs. Brazil, which took place Sunday afternoon.  I’ve decided to dedicate a post as my reply.  **Click Read More**

As for the sport itself, I like soccer.  I like it and respect it enough that I will probably one day have my kids play it until they can make their own sports decisions.  I played scocer until I was twelve and there’s nothing better at that age than running around aimlessly and trying to kick a ball around and nailing shins 90% of the time in the process.

What USA did during this tournament has certainly been remarkable.  With their improbable win against Spain to clinch a spot in the Confederation’s Cup Final, they ended Spain’s million game winning streak and had some people illadvisedly comparing the win to the Miracle on Ice.  Even if those people weren’t serious, the joke alone signifies the magnitude of the USA soccer team’s win.  Sunday’s Final started great for USA, as I was told (I had a baseball game during which I was struck in the side of the head with a line drive while pitching.  Not fun).  Unfortunately, USA could not pull it out as Brazil mounted a strong comeback in the second half.  From what I understand and what little I saw of the game, Brazil was a much better team that I assume slept walk through the first half.  

Now, I’m very patriotic, possibly even xenophobic, so having it been the soccer team of USA (eff yeah), it made watching this tournament that much more exciting.  Anytime USA is involved, I’m interested–even if it’s a hot dog eating contest.  I love America and I think everyone should live here, if it were possible.

With all that being said, I’m not soccer’s biggest fan.  If I had to rank soccer with the other sports, I’d probably rank it down on the list between tennis and boxing/MMA.  I’m sorry soccer lovers, but it’s not even an American sport.  It’s European football.  Also, I can’t stand the flops, whining, and the noisemakers constantly buzzing throughout matches.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be exciting and I love playing FIFA on Xbox, but you probably won’t be seeing many posts on Detroit4lyfe with Bob Biscigliano breaking down games, its players, why the hell goalies feel they have to yell at a defender after every single save or goal, and why so many times after a player gets tripped, he grabs his head.

Congratulations to USA’s soccer team on a terrific run, but the soccer analysis ends there from me.  If Chip, Dupree, or John want to pick up where I left off, then they can be my guest, but I have a huge ass hematoma and I’m going to bed.

(Ignore the song.  It’s… pitiful).


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