Baseball Game Etiquette

drunk fan


I was in attendance yesterday for the Tigers exciting 9-6 win over the Angels, where Clete “shoe, flip flop, penny loafer” Thomas hit a grand salami in the 8th to put the Tigers up for good. The win gave the Tigers a series win against a team that usually gives them trouble and gives them a nice boost of confidence before they head out on a long road trip.


Now although it was a very relaxing Sunday capped with a nice win, there were a few things that really chapped my ass about the ballpark etiquette or should I say lack there of going on around me. So I’m going to go over some very basic rules that one should keep in mind when they make their next trip to the park.


1. If you’re going to drink, please keep the fact that you are drunk to yourself. The whole section does not want to hear every half inning “I’m so hammered right now!” or “God, I’m so wasted I don’t even know what’s going on”….Those are two direct quotes from fans yesterday and frankly I was sick of it. If you drink, don’t get so belligerent that the EMS has to come to take you away. This isn’t a joke, it’s a serious situation that I witnessed yesterday. A young lady was walking up the steps smelling like Robert Downey Jr. and completely ate it, falling face first into the step in front of her. She was green in the face and could barely keep her eyes open. The fact that it was a pretty warm day might not have helped her out but either way, know your limits.


2. Please don’t yell “Granderson, you’re the fu**ing s**t”. Now as much as I love Curtis and even though that is a true statement, the cursing is unnecessary. I heard it and looked in front of me only to see an entire row of children. I’m no saint myself and have been known to drop a few F bombs on occasion but you have to be mindful of your surroundings. I know if I was the father of those children (and as far as I know I’m not…I think) I would have turned around and given those young gentleman a piece of my mind and maybe a taste of the back of my hand. Dads don’t want to have to ear muff little Billy every two seconds so keep the cursing to a minimum.


3. Sit in your own seat. I’ve been to 3 games this year and there has been at least one situation where the entire section can’t see the game because people are simply sitting in the wrong seat. If it’s late in the game and there are empty seats then I’m all for trying to move up but when it’s the first inning just sit in your own seat so as to not disturb the whole sections seating arrangements.


4. If you drink, don’t drive, do the watermelon crawl. At D4L we promote safety first, so find yourself a DD or don’t drink at all.

Those are just a few that have been on my mind. If there’s any more that you guys can think of, feel free to comment or leave them in the forum.