Detroit Sports Links 2/14/12: Alex Morgan Body Paint, Kate Upton, Miguel Cabrera, and Matthew Stafford? It must be Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Who is your Valentine? What do you love? I love lamp, and the mother and obstetrician who brought Miguel Cabrera into this sweet, cruel world (and DD for bringing him into the Tigers lineup). 

I <3 Kate Upton’s circle-change

I <3 that we’re talking so much Tigers and it’s so close to baseball season.  (I’m </3 that Yoenis Cespedes signed with the A’s)

I <3 being a Tigers fan.

I <3 that Derek Jeter is scared to face the Tigers this season.

I <3 that the Red Wings are all business on the brink of an NHL record.

I <3 Matthew Stafford throwing passes off the roof of ESPN.

I <3 that Shaun Hill is likely going to return as the Lions backup QB. (Now if only Stanton was coming back to be the No. 3)

Lawrence Frank <3’s the Spurs.

I <3 that the Meat Hook is making a serious bid for a comeback.

I <3 Chris Bosh’s enthusiasm.

I <3 The Franchise on Showtime and that the Miami Marlins will be the focus of it this season. 

I <3 that Ozzie Guillen admits he was drunk when he interviewed for the Chicago White Sox coaching job. Yeah, we know, but who wouldn’t?

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