20 Headlines You’d Think Were April Fool’s Jokes


I’m sure you’re going to see a fair share of fake stories popping up around the blogsphere, stories that will make your jaw drop in shock only to make you feel like a sucker at the end when it reads, “LOL April Foolz, fool!”  Well, we’re not about that (but we thought about it!).  Instead, I’m going to pick 20 stories, in no particular order, that have happened in the past year, or so, that you’d think were April Fool’s jokes, but were 100% legit (and we’ve linked the stories for proof).  Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Tiger Woods Isn’t Perfect

Man Marries His Pillow

Manu Ginobili Kills a Bat During Spurs Game

Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton Draw Guns on Each Other in Locker Room

Denard Span Hits His Mother in the Chest with Foul Ball

Magglio Ordonez’s Hair is for Sale on EBay

Gerald Laird Arrested After His Grandpa Gropes NBA Player’s Wife

Jim Leyland Takes His Shirt Off For Money

Cubs Fan Spills Beer on Shane Victorino Mid-Putout

13-year Old Quarterback Commits to USC

Little Patrick Kane Assaults a Cab Driver

Rabbi Helps Cooler Heads Prevail at Knicks Game

Stephon Marbury to Play in China?

Junior Seau Castrates a Horse With Bare Hands

Mr. Lane Kiffin in Sexiest Woman Alive Contest

Nike Confiscates Video of LeBron James Getting Dunked On

Deadspin Breaks News of Deadspin Editor’s DUI

Lions win a game

The Saints Win the Super Bowl

Dontrelle Willis to be Tigers 5th Starter

Obviously, the list is not exhaustive so feel free to put any you can think of in the comments.

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