Umpire slaps Torii Hunter after Hunter says he’s going to whoop Bud Norris’ ass

This should never be allowed by an umpire – I don’t care how close he might be with the player.

It doesn’t look like Hunter was happy the umpire, Paul Nauert, did that either, as he reacts all, like, ‘get out of here with that hand.’

This all went down after Torii Hunter was plunked by Bud Norris following Ian Kinsler’s 2-run home run. Hunter was hit in the hip and exchanged words with Norris on his way to first. Norris was ejected from the game and then lost his cool.

UPDATE: Hunter laughed off any notion that he was mad at the umpire:

Nauert still shouldn’t do that and will likely be told that by league despite Hunter downplaying the (entire) situation after the game.

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